The Democratic edge in the Iowa Senate will be 32-18

A recount resolved the last Iowa Senate race to be called. In Senate district 10, Democratic incumbent Jeff Danielson defeated Walt Rogers by 22 votes. This was one of the surprisingly close races on election night, as Danielson was not considered a top-tier target of Republicans.

Iowa Democrats will have the largest advantage they have ever enjoyed in the Iowa Senate: 32-18.

One Iowa House race is still unresolved. Democratic incumbent Art Staed asked for a recount in House district 37, where the certified vote count showed him trailing Carolyn Renee Shulte by 14 votes. Staed was targeted not only by the Republican Party of Iowa but also by conservative interest groups such as the corporate-backed Iowa Leadership Council and the American Future Fund.

Depending on the outcome of the recount, the Democratic advantage in the Iowa House will be either 56-44 or 57-43.

  • What will be biggest legislative issue this year?

    What will be the biggest legislative issue this year?

  • No Fair Share & Collective Bargaining?

    • those may come back too

      I am not sure we have the votes in the House to get them passed, and if we don’t have the votes leadership may not bring them up.

      I have heard from multiple sources that the budget and flood relief are going to consume almost the whole session. Very little else will get through the funnel.

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