Open thread on Obama's press conference

I'm not watching it live, but I will update this post later with some clips and commentary.

In the meantime, share your thoughts about what the president is saying tonight.

UPDATE: I am swamped with preparations for the Natural Living Expo and didn't watch the replay of the press conference.

Sam Stein wrote up the story for Huffington Post.

TomP had an interesting take on Obama's comments about how we should not demonize investors.

Beltway journalists seem to think the big story of the night was whom the president didn't call on, as opposed to what he said. They do like to make everything about themselves.

SECOND UPDATE: Todd Beeton's liveblog at MyDD was good.

  • Great Job

    I enjoy Obama's press conferences.  It is good to see a President that will think and then speak in complete paragraphs.  I only wish that he would give Helen Thomas the respect that she has earned.  Ms Thomas should have the first question for the press conferences.

    • I know what you mean

      Just listening to someone speak coherently on behalf of our country is a welcome change.

      I also agree about Helen Thomas.

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