Health Care for America Now running new tv ad in Iowa

Health Care for America Now launched television commercials in 10 key states today. Here is the Iowa version (click here to view the others):

It's a good ad. As Jason Rosenbaum writes,

This is the vision of a public health insurance option. Contrary to Republican talking points, nothing in the proposed plans for a public health insurance option would take away your choices and your relationship with your doctor. Nothing.

If you donate at least $10 to keep this ad on the air, Health Care for America Now will send you  a "high-quality, union-made t-shirt" (view the shirt here).

I'm also looking forward to seeing the commercials Blue America has in the works, which you can support by donating here.

Even if you can't afford to make a donation, you can express your support for the public option by signing the petition at and sending an e-mail to your senators.

It wouldn't hurt to contact your House representatives to let them know we need a public option. If the final bill out of the Senate ends up looking like the latest draft circulating in the Senate Finance Committee, we're going to need House Democrats to vote this sham reform down.

UPDATE: According to slinkerwink at Daily Kos, the House Democrats' draft health care bill does contain a public option. Thanks to members of the Progressive Caucus, including Iowa's Dave Loebsack, for making this happen.

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