Steve King has been busy

Every now and again I flip on c-span late at night and see what is happening.  I always enjoy checking out the special order speeches.  As I am typing right now, Rep. Steve King just finished speaking.  This is the second time, I am aware of, he has given a special order speech this week.  Thinking about his recent speeches on c-span, his recent vote against the slavery memorial, which included a lot of media coverage and any other media work he may have done this week.  Makes me wonder what he is up to.

Is he trying to get more attention to make a run for governor?

Does he feel left out since Sen. Grassley has been in the news a lot with the health care work going on?

I thought he jumped off the deep end long ago, but he seems to be more active then usual. 

Any thoughts to his recent activity? 

I am also going to plug a great website

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  • he always has loved the attention

    I am skeptical that he would give up his safe seat (which provides a full-time job to his son, who serves as campaign director) in order to run for governor. I don’t even think he would win the Republican primary for governor, although I would love to see him try. We could elect someone sane to represent the fifth district.