McKinley's campaign may end before it began

On July 7 Iowa Senate Minority Leader Paul McKinley announced plans to “aggressively explore” running for governor next year. His dictionary must have a different definition of “aggressive” than mine, because McKinley’s gubernatorial campaign hasn’t been sending out any press releases, and the would-be candidate has skipped various opportunities to introduce himself to Republican voters. For instance, McKinley didn’t attend the forum for gubernatorial candidates or the Dallas County GOP Family Picnic. He’s also conspicuously absent from the list of Republicans scheduled to hang out at the GOP’s Iowa State Fair booth. (UPDATE: I went to the fair on August 19, and though McKinley wasn’t on the schedule, I think I saw him at the GOP booth.)

The official McKinley for Iowa website makes no mention of a possible gubernatorial bid. One of the few things McKinley has done in the last six weeks is advocate passing a meaningless “state sovereignty” resolution. Republican blogger Al Swearengen claims McKinley will formally withdraw from the race soon, having raised almost no money.

Meanwhile, even the Republicans who are actively running for governor are struggling to raise money and support now that former Governor Terry Branstad has said he’s seriously thinking about running again. Branstad told a Republican gathering last week that he will decide by October whether to challenge Governor Chet Culver.

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LATE UPDATE: McKinley was also a no-show at the Black Hawk County Republican dinner on August 23.

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  • McFail

    How hard can it be for a seasoned legislator like McKinley to mount a low-key campaign a la Behn and Roberts? All he has to do is cook up some press releases, have a website, and truck himself around to barbecues and fairs.

    I know those things cost money, and money is hard to come by these days. But come on, McKinley did well in business before joining the legislature…I’m sure he’s got some cash socked away. And if he knows 10 people in Chariton who could give him $100, that’s probably enough to carry him for a while.

    McKinley = McFail