We have a candidate in the fourth district

UPDATE: CQ Politics reports that Maske “has filed candidacy paperwork with the Federal Election Commission.”

At the Jefferson-Jackson dinner on Saturday I was pleased to meet Bill Maske of Truro (Madison County), who is running against Representative Tom Latham in Iowa’s fourth Congressional district. I don’t know whether there will be a contested Democratic primary; I didn’t see stickers or campaign literature for any other Democrat looking at this race. After the jump I’ve posted excerpts from the material Maske’s volunteers were handing out. He plans to make a formal campaign announcement soon.

Latham is generally considered a safe incumbent after beating Becky Greenwald last year by 20 points in a district Barack Obama won. Still, it will be important to have a Democrat out there highlighting Latham’s bad votes. In 2012, Latham will either be thrown into the same district as Steve King or, more likely, will have to run in a new third district containing Polk County. We can’t afford to leave him unchallenged next year.

Speaking of King, it looks like there will be a contested Democratic primary in the fifth Congressional district. Attorney Matt Campbell has put up a campaign website for this race. He joins Mike Denklau, who has already started campaigning.

Front side of campaign literature for Bill Maske:


4th District Democrat

Grew up in the small northwest Iowa town of Peterson

My wife Carole and I have four children and five grandchildren

Lifelong Democrat, Public Servant, and Educator

Taught at the American School in Tehran, Iran

Chaired Butler County Democrats

M.A. Degree in Educational Administration from the University of Northern Iowa – Phi Delta Kappa

Twenty-five years as a School Administrator focused on school improvement and educational success for ALL

Specialist Degree in Educational Administration from Drake University

Farm Bureau Member

Lions Club Member

“As a professional educator and public servant, I have seen first hand what social injustice can do to families and children. We can and must do better!” Bill Maske

Reverse side:

Liberty and Justice

All citizens of the United States deserve quality health care as a right.

We must put people to work through the implementation of a public works program to rebuild the infrastructure and public lands in the United States.

All children must be assured two years of post-secondary education in preparation to enter the job market of the 21st Century and compete in a global economy.

Companies that export U.S. jobs to other countries must face significant sanctions and fees.

The role of Labor Unions must be restored to pre-Reagan years.

Our environment is at risk. We must take steps to protect our planet for all future generations.

Strict oversight must be established to hold Wall Street, banks, and corporations to high standards in maintaining a strong economy and eliminating abuse.

Discrimination of all forms must end.

A Veterans Bill of Rights must assure the United States will stand with veterans.

We must have a foreign policy that restores the leadership of the United States around the globe.

“Growing up in a small Iowa town, my parents instilled in their four boys strong values of family, hard work, service, and a love of our country. These values have guided me throughout my life, and they will be at the core of my service to Iowa families and our country in the Congress of the United States”

Bill Maske for Congress

Phone: 641-202-3322

BillMaske AT MaskeForCongress.com


Paid for by: Maske for Congress

  • As always, it's better

    for political parties to always run someone, rather than let a candidate run unopposed.

    Now, Bill Maske probably won’t win, considering that Latham is quite a bit more popular than Obama, and Obama’s not even on the ticket this year, but letting Latham build up his war chest (prepping for when his district merges with the 3rd next year) is probably not in the Democrats’ best interest.

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