Zaun kicks off campaign against Boswell

State Senator Brad Zaun formally announced today that he is running against Representative Leonard Boswell in Iowa’s third Congressional distirct. Charlotte Eby was there:

Zaun, 47, highlighted his experience as a legislator, small business owner and former mayor in his announcement speech.

Zaun cited a growing national deficit as one of his reasons for running and called what is going on in Washington dysfunctional.

“We need to fix this because what’s going to happen is these young people here and all of us in this room are going to be paying for this irresponsibility that’s going on in Washington, D.C.,” Zaun said. “I truly believe that I can make a difference.” […]

Zaun said incumbents are vulnerable next year, something he said is evident the “tea party” movement and town hall meetings this summer.

“I think people are just saying they’ve had enough with the insiders and what’s going on,” Zaun said.

Speaking of insiders, Iowa Senate Republican leader Paul McKinley praised Zaun at today’s event. I’ll be interested to see who in the GOP establishment sides with Jim Gibbons in the primary to run against Boswell.

UPDATE: Kathie Obradovich published Zaun’s press release at the Des Moines Register blog.

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  • Zaun campaign off to great start.......

    a brilliant campaign move to hold his announcement at a small hardware business in SE Des Moines where Zaun got his start…..this from a campaign veteran like Zaun known for good, positive campaigns in the past (and for ideas just like that!) Even at this early stage, the message was taut, well delivered, and the news clips on the stations are no doubt exactly what the Zaun campaign is desiring.

    one can’t help but contrast that to Gibbons with a “press release campaign announcement” that made the obituary page in the Register.

    experience is already paying dividends in this republican primary.

    desmoinesdem, you win the prize for the question of the week…with the large turnout of elected officials of all levels at the Zaun announcement from around the district (including McKinley who represents a critical 4 counties), one can surmise a large advantage for Zaun already in the republican primary.  Primary competitors will have few officals to choose from that are even left.

    Even if you don’t care for Zaun, the guy knows very well how to run a campaign (and from other blog readings, has that reputation with many people).