Gibbons shows it's who you know, not what you know

A lot of major Republican donors co-hosted a fundraiser last night for Jim Gibbons’ Congressional campaign in Iowa’s third district. The big names included Bruce Rastetter, Gary Kirke, Denny Elwell and John Ruan, as well as Greg Ganske, who represented Iowa’s fourth Congressional district (including Polk County) from 1995 to 2003.

Apparently none of these people were put off by the ludicrous tax holiday proposal Gibbons floated last week. Geraldine had a great post on that at the Iowa Progress blog, by the way.

If any Bleeding Heartland readers know which major GOP donors are on board with Brad Zaun in this primary, please post a comment or shoot me an e-mail: desmoinesdem AT I wonder how long it will be before Zaun and Gibbons start attacking each other as well as incumbent Leonard Boswell.

Rival Republican candidate Dave Funk’s been passed over by the GOP bigwigs. I’m curious to see how much he can raise from smaller donors who buy into his ill-informed comments on energy policy and other matters. Will the “Tea Party” crowd get involved on his behalf?

UPDATE: The Iowa Republican published the host list for Zaun’s upcoming fundraiser.

  • Gibbons is not sleeping well....

    with a quick look at the Host list for an upcoming Zaun fundraiser….a large list of business owners, a whos who of bankers and executives in the financial advisory area (including some that worked with Gibbons, supporting Zaun), real estate executives, and many others, including many many elected officials and even a former all american wrestler at ISU under Gibbons, now supporting Zaun for office!

    Zaun is known as a terrific campaigner, and with only two weeks in the race this is by any measure an impressive list.

    Gibbons clearly will have to be the first to go negative against Zaun in the race, as there is every indication, especially with Gibbons’ first proposal to add $625 billion dollars to the deficit (an idiotic proposal as you have already stated), that the Gibbons campaign does plenty of damage to itself.

  • Gibbons strange press releases.....

    Today the Gibbons campaign released yet another strange press release critical of Boswell’s vote this last week to raise the deficit ceiling by another $300 billion dollars.  What Gibbons fails to mention is that his own campaign proposal last week was to have congress raise the debt ceiling by $625 billion dollars to have everyone stop paying taxes for a few months.

    Gibbons being critical of Boswell raising the debt ceiling by half of what Gibbons wanted and saying spending is out of control is another great example of the Gibbons campaign self destructing week by week.…

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