New GOP robocall uses old GOP playbook

Oh no! Representative Leonard Boswell must be quaking in his boots now that the National Republican Campaign Committee is running this robocall against him in Iowa’s third district:

“Leonard Boswell spent 2009 helping liberal Speaker Nancy Pelosi push a massive government takeover of health care, a cap-and-trade energy bill that will increase costs for Iowa workers, and a massive $787 billion pork-laden spending bill that he called a stimulus but that has not helped the Iowa economy. Tell him your New Year’s resolution is to watch his votes in 2010 to make sure he is voting for Iowa families, not the liberal agenda of the Democrat party leaders in Washington.”

For years, Republicans have trotted out versions of this script against Boswell: blah blah blah Nancy Pelosi blah blah blah liberal agenda blah blah blah Democrat Party. It hasn’t resonated before, so why would it work now?

Specifically, I don’t think they will get far running against the stimulus package. Even in a weak economy, Boswell will be able to point to dozens of programs from the stimulus bill that benefited Iowa families. He has brought money to the district through several other bills passed this year as well. The Republican alternative, passing no stimulus and freezing federal spending, would have made the recession far worse.

The health care bill doesn’t even contain a weak public insurance option, let alone a “government takeover.” I don’t dispute that there will be plenty for the Republicans to attack in that bill, but Boswell will be able to point to items that benefit Iowans, such as new Medicare reimbursement rates to benefit low-volume hospitals (including Grinnell Regional Medical Center and Skiff Medical Center in Newton).

Boswell fought for concessions in the climate change bill that weakened the bill from my perspective but will be touted by his campaign as protecting sectors of the Iowa economy. Anyway, many people’s utility bills are lower this winter because the recession has brought down natural gas prices.

It’s fine with me if the NRCC wants to drain its coffers by funding robocalls like this around the country. I doubt they will scare Boswell into retirement or succeed in branding him as a Washington liberal.

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  • get real.........

    Not that I am in favor of robocalls….but I don’t have any inside information of how much robocalls cost (5 cents each?) so anyone doing any robocalling, which we all know includes Boswell and other democrat candidates every election, will not be using a lot of funds up.  Frankly, any robocall at this point for or against anything is a waste of effort.

    Might have been a small message that the NRCC will be targeting this race…that is what I would take from this.  (desmoinesdem, I thought you would have this obvious nugget figured out before me.)

    Boswell is the last one that would want to bring up phones currently anyway…we all remember last months TV 8 News investigative report where Boswell would not return constituent phone calls no matter how long it took.

    What is also interesting this last week are the trial balloons put out by the Cownie people with mentioned interest in the race, as well as more rumors of retirement of Boswell. (Isn’t Boswell retired already?)  Food for thought.

    • Cownie would get into this race

      if Boswell retired, but I won’t believe he’s going until I start hearing that from insiders.

      The NRCC is not going to have the money to target this race in any serious way. They are way behind in cash on hand and probably won’t be able to fund 30 serious challengers. This district isn’t in their top 50 targets. I expect that would change if Boswell did retire.

      As I have written many times, Boswell should have retired in 2008, when holding this seat would have been a slam-dunk for Democrats.

      If Boswell does retire, Cownie won’t be unchallenged in the primary. I’d be surprised if Christie Vilsack didn’t jump in.

  • careful what some out there wish for........

    Cownie’s record as mayor vs. Zaun’s record as mayor…with Zaun’s eight straight years of record growth with the lowest taxes in the metro area?

    Cownie supporters better rethink that one.

  • Leonard is not retired

    In fact to tell you the truth he was more receptive to honest questions about the health care debate than my Congressman Dave Loebsack.  The only way the GOP takes this seat is if Leonard leaves and Fallon somehow ends up as the Dem nominee.  Of course in that case I would probably find myself supporting the Republican.  

    • Fallon won't win an open primary

      and I believe he knows this, which is why he challenged Boswell in 2008.

      Many people recognize that Boswell’s voting record has improved since that primary challenge.