Funny Steve King Article

 -Funny article and poll on congressman King from dailykos.  It could have gone without the inappropriate words, but defentially gets the point across. It would be great if one of the two Democratic candidates could beat him this November.

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Chris Harris

  • I also liked this analysis

    demonstrating that King is “eight times crazier” than Michele Bachmann. Which is saying something!

  • Lovely

    I only hope for a Palin/King ticket in ’12.  I bet that would scare hell out of people so bad it would be a record turnout at the polls.

  • Bachmann vs King

    I don’t know who’s crazier.  M. Bachmann thinks that Rep. Steve King is “stunning”  and can’t wait until he possibly runs for POTUS in 2012.  She’s sure set the standard high.  But because King is “our” local crazy,  he’s probably one of the top ten.

  • new GOP

    Who is this new guy that even the Republicans won’t vote for??  they say he is really “out there”.  That’s quite a bit,  because they have several that they think are normal.