Cookie-cutter Republican messaging in action

Jim Gibbons unveiled a new tv ad for his Congressional campaign today:

Rough transcript by me:

Male voice-over: Jim Gibbons’ values are hard work, honesty, and family. A champion wrestler, coach and financial adviser, he’s learned that listening to the voters is the most important part of being a leader in Congress. Above all, Jim Gibbons knows what’s important in life is being Annie’s husband and a great father to their three girls. It’s through their eyes Jim is running for Congress, to stop the out-of-control spending, cut taxes, and grow Iowa jobs. Jim Gibbons for Congress.

Gibbons voice: I’m Jim Gibbons, I approved this message.

Like Gibbons’ previous ad, this commercial has strong visuals and production values. The message seems generic to me, but in a crowded primary maybe it’s sufficient to build name recognition and favorable impressions of the candidate.

The Gibbons campaign has purchased “a significant buy of air-time to run this ad” and expects it to reach “a majority of voters” in the third Congressional district. My hunch is that this commercial will run on a broader range of programs than the traditional Iowa combination of local news and Wheel of Fortune. I suspect it will air on some programs with a predominantly female audience; to me this ad seems targeted toward women, whereas State Senator Brad Zaun’s ads seem very male-oriented, with a “tea party” edge. Perhaps Gibbons’ internal polling suggests there are more undecided women voters.

I got a kick out of this passage in Gibbons’ news release:

“This ad will be a great opportunity for me to reach the thousands of voters that will be going to the polls on June 8th.  I am running for Congress to reduce wasteful spending in Washington and grow jobs in Iowa,” said Jim Gibbons.  “I believe central Iowa needs a Congressman that will represent Iowa values, not Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco-style values.”

Keep bashing Nancy Pelosi and her San Francisco values, Republicans. Your “cookie-cutter” messaging just flopped in the special election in Pennsylvania’s 12th district. PA-12 should have been more winnable for Republicans than IA-03 for the reasons I discussed toward the end of this post.

Bleeding Heartland readers, what do you think of this commercial and the third district race?

P.S. Could some Republican English teacher please inform the Gibbons campaign about correct usage of “that” and “who”? (As in, the thousands of voters who will vote on June 8, and a member of Congress who will represent Iowa values.)

  • I guess...

    I guess this is okay. But, its just that, okay. I thought Gibbons was supposed to swoop in and declare a Boswell retirement party. So far he leaves much to be desired in the form of his adverts. Bland & straight from the ol campaign handbook probably doesn’t get you very far, even in a primary. A classic commercial phrase comes to mind, after watching this ad –  “where’s the beef?!” The only thing good about this advert. is the craftsmanship, it looks professional and clean. The only thing WORSE than this ad is BVPs abysmal last minute ad. oye.

    • agree

      That BVP ad is not good. I know his strategy doesn’t depend on ads, but I was expecting something a little better. I’ll have a post on that up tomorrow, probably.

  • location?

    Hold on…I thought Gibbons moved to a DSM apartment and had his residence HERE….???

    That is a big tractor to be driving in the apartment parking lot, and strangely, the basketball game seems to be in a home driveway….it makes you say…..hmmmmmmmm…….

    I agree with desmoinesdem that it makes no difference WHERE the Gibbons residence is, but the constant fibs about it from the Gibbons campaign need to stop.

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