Campaign Call - Americans United for Life, with special guest, Mike Huckabee

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Americans United for Life last evening called the Secret Liberal Listening Post (the number has been registered for decades as Republican for 3 previous families).

AUL has been a long and powerful mover in the anti-abortion opposition.  Just recently, they hired a new CEO, Charmaine Yoest, formerly of the Family Research Council and an advisor to Huckabee's 2008 campaign.


Huckabee, in a recorded call, asked if I was concerned about the, “Obama Health Care Bill”, forcing taxpayer-funded abortions. (a lie, of course)  Would I contribute to AUL's efforts in protecting the unborn?  He then asked if I was loyal listener to his ABC radio commentary and his once a week Sunday show on Fox News.  If not, I can hear and watch @ these times . . 
Last, the call asked if I was male, and if I was 50 years or older.  The call abruptly ended when I said I was under 50.
Analysis:  I don't rightly know what to think about this call – any support for the GOP or a GOP candidate in next Tuesday's primary was completely missing.   Bob VanderPlaats was never mentioned, nor was any political race.  Motivational GOYB calls usually are much more overt – they tell you to vote in the next election at the very least, if not outright telling you time, place and asking if you want a ride.
Considering BVP's strength is rural, young, & conservative evangelical communities, I expected something at the end of that call.  Answering that i was over 50 – and more likely to vote for Branstad, according to the last PPP poll – should have had the termination effect, not the opposite.
Anyone have any insights?   

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  • it's a 501(c)3 group

    according to this site, so they wouldn’t be able to endorse or GOTV for a specific candidate.

    I am confused about why an anti-abortion activist group would end the call for people under 50. I wonder what kind of message the over-50 respondents got.

    • But no mention of election . .

      It’s the fact they don’t even mention an election coming or reminding voters to show up and express their beliefs that confuses me.  Unless that’s what teh over 50’s get, but that would move more of TerryB’s polled fan base out to the polls; for a group as rabidly allied with BVP & Huckabee, that makes no sense.

      • I would think

        a call like that might be a fundraising call, like several I’ve received from Newt Gingrich’s group American Solutions. But in that case I can’t understand why they would screen out people under 50. Weird.

  • Possibly

    Because someone over 50 remembers before Rowe v Wade. And the older people seem to be much more conservative,  probably agreeing with a lot of Huckabee’s ideas.  Its amazing to me how the repubs want less Government interference,  no help for the poor or needy, (because we should all pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, doncha know). And they want the Govt to leave us to sink or swim.  UNLESS it is about abortion.  then a woman gets no rights.  

    I used to be very Pro life.  Then as I got older,  I realize that nobody is “Pro abortion”.  for anyone choosing an abortion,  its not a fun day.  Its a difficult decision,  and its not my job to decide for someone else.  Just for myself.  I guess I would say I am now Pro responsibility.  Give teenagers lots of sex education,  give Planned Parenthood the ability to provide free BC of all kinds to every woman of child bearing years.  Talk about it in a class at school, such as a Life Skills class, etc.  until we are all blue in the face.  In this day and age, there is no reason for a young woman to have a child when she doesn’t want to.  If she is responsible,  and works with her Doctor and Planned Parenthood, and THEN gets pregnant,  she then should have the choice of abortion or not.  but so many pregnancies are not planned,  nobody has any education and facts, STD are going sky high.  We need to have an era of responsibility.  birth control for anyone, sex and STD education from the fifth grade on.  fifth graders these days do not need to see the cartoon of the little sperm and the egg.  They need factual information so they do not get into bad situations at 12.  Okay,  I’ll get off my soap box now.  ((bow))