Campaign Call - Steve King introduces King's Constitutional Defenders

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In a nice new twist, The Secret Liberal Listening post got a call from an actual campaign this evening.  Steve King, R-Nutjobbia, called my registered Republican phone and confessed his deepest, darkest passions via recorded robo-poll. 


(Caller ID registered AID2010RESP, 208-515-7488.)

Steve first confessed that he's angry that the Constitution is being disregarded by filthy Washington insiders such as Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid.  Was I upset that the Constitution is being viloated by the Washington Establishment?

Since I was angry too, I could join Steve's new club, King's Constitutional Defenders!  Would I like donate to the Defenders?

For demographic purposes, would answer the following questions?  Am i for the support of traditional marriage and against same-sex marriage?

Am I Pro-Life like Steve King?

Am I against raising taxes and would I even prefer a tax cut?

Like the brave NRA, do I support gun ownership? 

Am I a Republican?

Have i contributed to political campaigns and movements before?

Am I age 50 or older?  

Paid for by Steve King for Congress, etc. 

 – – – –

Analysis:  Again, we have a circumstance where the call ends after I answer negative to the over 50 question.  I wonder if it's coincidental or that's just the end of the call?  

Steve has obviously figured out these pseudo-poll calls are good at gathering support, both monetarily and politically.  While I had a uproarious laugh at the King's opening assertion that it's conservatives like himself upholding the Constitution and that I could join his club, I'm sure that these interactive calls both pinpoint support as well as trim the costs of useless calls to people not in his base.

Coincidentally, tomorrow's the big day for Terry B. to unveil his establishment answer to Sarah Palin, Kim Reynolds, or the uninspiring Jeff Lamberti  of Ankeny.  If he rolls with Lamberti, it's obvious he thinks he can carry the campaign with Des Moines-centric power.  But both certainly represent a recommitment of the state GOP to fiscal policy dominance over social issues.


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  • maybe the age question

    is just the last thing they throw in there for everyone. I can’t think of any plausible reason they would end a call because someone’s too young. King’s best age group is probably 35-50.

    Agree with you that whether it’s Reynolds or Lamberti, Branstad is making clear that he won’t run on social issues. He’s reading from the Doug Gross playbook all the way.

  • Interesting thought.........

    I was watching the CNN special about the right wing nutjobs, and decided to google the John Birch Society to see how very radical they really were back when they called Eisenhower a Communist spy.  lol.  

    guess who was the big picture on the front of the John Birch Society pages?  Guess.  Just guess.  Rep. Steve King of the fifth District of Iowa!  That’s who!  Hm,  makes you wonder how many of the nutjobs are secret JB ?