Discussion: Robopolling Without Responsibility

Both my wife and I have gotten robopolled on our cell phones – nothing new as the straw poll is in a few days and she and I are 515 residents.  What's odd about this poll is that the caller ID and the caller do not identify themselves, and it's not even a recorded voice or campaign call.  The voice is completely computer synthesized, and it simply says that, 'This is a poll for the 2012 presidential campaign.  Who would you vote for?  Obama, Bachmann, Gingrich, ect.'  

Who else has gotten called?  Does anyone know anything?  Isn't this a violation of election law? 

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  • I've gotten a few robocalls

    in the last couple of weeks from some outfit wondering whether I am registered to vote, would I participate in the Ames straw poll, would I support Pawlenty, Bachmann, Paul, etc. Then they ask whether I would change my vote if Sarah Palin or Rick Perry entered the race. That call did give a phone number at the end, though.

    I haven’t received any call like what you are describing. Do you mean that your caller ID doesn’t display any number at all?