Kim Pearson not seeking re-election in Iowa House district 30

First-term State Representative Kim Pearson announced today that she will not seek re-election in the new Iowa House district 30.

Pearson released this statement by e-mail:

Serving Polk and Jasper County taxpayers is a tremendous honor and privilege.  While I am grateful for the honor, I have decided not to seek re-election to the Iowa House of Representatives at the end of this term.  I will continue to advance important conservative, constitutional principles through the new opportunities presented to me.  Whether through conservative issue advocacy groups or PACs, I will remain in the battle for liberty.

Pearson received little help from the Republican Party of Iowa before her surprise victory in November 2010. Shortly after the 2011 legislative session began, Pearson demonstrated that she would not be an easily controlled back-bencher. On several high-profile bills, she voted differently from the majority of Iowa House Republicans. She also annoyed House leaders by using a procedural maneuver to force a floor vote on whether to consider "personhood" legislation.

Pearson actively supported Ron Paul's presidential campaign. She is a passionate opponent of abortion rights and has been involved with the tea party and homeschooling communities in central Iowa. I am seeking comment on rumors that Pearson is involved with efforts to create a new anti-abortion advocacy group in Iowa.

UPDATE: Pearson responded, "I cannot take credit for the work of others but I am pleased to support the efforts of Iowa Pro-Life Action." That group is "dedicated to passing a Personhood Bill/Life at Conception Bill" in the Iowa legislature. The group's endorsements page includes statements from Pearson, State Senator Kent Sorenson, and State Representative Tom Shaw.

In November, Pearson told me that she had not decided whether to seek a second term in the Iowa House. Around the same time, Republican Jim Carley announced plans to run for the new House district 30. The district covers the Des Moines suburbs Altoona, Bondurant and Carlisle (the Polk County part), as well as rural areas and small towns Elkhart, Mitchellville and Runnells.

Altoona City Council member Joe Riding will be the Democratic candidate in House district 30. I've posted a map below. As of April 2011, 6,629 registered Democrats, 6,523 Republicans and 5,756 no-party voters lived in the district.

Any relevant comments are welcome in this thread.

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  • Good-bye

    & good riddance.  I'm sure that she'll be replaced by a real dandy on the GOP side.  I know she was probably involved in the recruitment of a potential successor.  

    It's about legislating folks, screaming for the sake of screaming is only for fun in my book.  

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