I really don't believe that she'll stick to that position

Outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, asked by Barbara Walters about running for president:

“I’ve said I really don’t believe that that’s something I will do again,” says Clinton. “I am so grateful I had the experience of doing it before. I think there are lots of ways to serve, so I’ll continue to serve.” […]

Clinton adds, “I just want to see what else is out there. I’ve been doing this incredibly important and satisfying work in Washington as I say for 20 years. I want to get out and spend some time looking at what else I can do to contribute.”

That’s the least convincing non-denial denial I’ve heard in a while. The next Democratic presidential nomination is Hillary Clinton’s if she wants it. I don’t see her turning her back on that chance.

UPDATE: I am in rare agreement with Newt Gingrich: if Hillary runs for president in 2016, “the Republican party today is incapable of competing at that level.”

  • Not gonna do it....

    Just a feeling her ship has sailed…her choice. Bill has carved himself out a nice niche with his institute…I think she wants to do the same. Also I think she really wants to be a grandma. I would argue that she is the most popular public figure in the country…I cannot think of anyone else more popular…

  • I'm with Desmoinesdem

    on this one. Having fought so hard and bitterly in 2008, I can’t see her turning away from a nomination that will be handed to her.

  • Clinton

    It makes no sense for her not to run.  There’s no “once in a lifetime” candidate running against her.  I have friends online who mention Obama dumping Biden with Hillary (still) once a week.

    I would prefer other candidates, but that is due to her reluctance to change entitlement programs and the fact that she does still rally the Republicans.  I’ll be accused of sexism if I don’t support her though.

    I don’t like how she automatically discredits Ross Perot on NAFTA as well, but the candidates I would prefer would adopt the same trade model  as Clinton,    

    • I opposed her in 2007 for two reasons

      I didn’t want a repeat of Clintonomics, and I thought she would lose to a Republican, leading to more Alitos and Scalias on the Supreme Court.

      Obama’s economic policy is at least as bad as Clintonomics 2.0, maybe worse. I don’t see any progressive alternative to Hillary who could win the nomination in 2016, though. I would rather spend my time on other hopeless causes.

      Also, I no longer worry as much that she would lose to a Republican.  She may energize parts of their base, but the Clintons are not as polarizing as they were 5-10 years ago. Anything can happen, but she would go into the general election favored to win against anyone I can imagine them nominating.

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