Monica Vernon's Latest Ad is Everything That is Wrong with Politics

I’ve lived in Cedar Rapids since high school (I attended the same high school at the same time of Monica’s daughters). Anyone who knows Cedar Rapids is fully aware that there are parts of town that have been depressed for many years. We know the neighborhoods on the southeast side of town that have been plagued with high crime rates and poverty. The folks in these neighborhoods who are working hard jobs for low wages are in the throes of an epic and unfortunate struggle.

I recently saw an ad released by Monica Vernon’s campaign that began with the narrator claiming Monica Vernon “understands the struggle.”  From what I know about Monica, she comes from a wealthy home, was the previous owner of a successful business, is married to a well-to-do attorney, and lives a stone’s throw from the country club.

My question to Monica Vernon is simple: what exactly do you know about the struggle? I came from extraordinarily humble beginnings, where you’d be hard pressed to find anyone with a country club membership let alone a home right next to one. I’d like to know where Monica Vernon’s struggle experience originated.

Monica’s ad is everything that is wrong with politics because it is willfully dishonest and leads people to believe that she has experience with real struggles, and had to work doubly hard just to get by, and raise her daughters largely on her own. This is the sort of thing that cheapens our politics and Iowans deserve better.

In my opinion, Monica’s largest struggle will come after she loses this Primary and must decide whether or not to remain in the Democratic Party, or revert back to the Republican Party, where she undoubtedly is more comfortable. 

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  • for the sake of transparency

    Could you please clarify whether you are a paid staffer or consultant for any of the other Democratic campaigns in IA-01?

  • The struggle

    So, I think all politicians attempt to “relate” to working class people by exaggerating similarities even our favorite ones. I’m not sure anyone in 1st district who is running has really experienced a genuine economic hardship that would be as debilitating as the ones of the constituents in the district on the SE side, where there was recently a double a homicide over night, 6 murders since January, and a young girl who was shot and paralyzed from her waist down recently. So not sure any of them know about the struggles of that constituency. I guess because we will be picking one of them, so the ? will be if they will be doing something about the issues  of the less fortunate and really improving our community in development and opportunity where it needs to be done. This involves empathy things of that sort and preferably a previous record of doing that. I also feel some skepticism about the amount of money involved in Monica’s campaign if you check out it is questionable and rumored to be from Republican ties but can also see some of the other  connections yourself one the link I’ll post All of the candidates should be carefully considered, by merit, history, and how connected they really are to the current situation of the district and CR. #mythoughts…

  • I finally watched the ad

    I had not seen it before this evening. I think it’s hyperbole to say it represents “everything that is wrong with politics.” To my mind, a deceitful attack ad like what Republicans did to Max Cleland represents “everything that is wrong with politics.”

    This ad seems like a pretty bland intro piece, featuring the candidate’s family, using the same phrases they’ve been using in press releases and letters to the editor: “She is a working mom who raised three daughters while building a small business.” Perhaps Monica Vernon doesn’t understand your struggle, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t challenging for her to be a working mom. To my ear, the ad didn’t make any claims about Vernon barely getting by. It’s clear she has a pretty nice house.

    To my mind, “willfully dishonest” would be falsely claiming to have helped build a shelter for homeless women and children. But according to the Cedar Rapids Gazette, “In her time as president of the Junior League of Cedar Rapids in the mid-1990s, Vernon led a $1.7 million campaign to build the Madge Phillips Center for homeless women and children.”

    The fact that she used to be a Republican will clearly be a deal-breaker for many Democrats, but I doubt a pro-choice, pro-marriage equality woman would be “more comfortable” in the GOP now.

    • ...subtleties..

      So while we are talking about the image of “a working mom to raise 3 daughters while building a small business” The way that the video is set up and her PR, makes it seem that she raised them alone, when in fact she is married and comfortably supported by a husband who also raised them. Which is vastly different than a woman doing it on her own with limited resources and support. Its just the small stuff. But she has made a considerable investment as you mentioned with the Center, and that hasn’t gone unnoticed I’m sure. So we’ll see!

    • ..

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