Push Polling Call

Just occured, 4:25pm CDT –

Caller identified himself as Jeff from National (mumble) Survey, wants to know if I have time for a very short survey, he specifically says that he will transfer me to an automated system. I (obviously) accepted. “This poll is primarily concerned with the Senate election.”

It was short – and I encourage you to read through to after action, because that's the interesting part.

1) Are you registered to vote (y)

2) Do I support weathly Americans paying an equal amount into  Scoial Security? (disagree, they should be paying more in) Am i sure? Am I *really* sure? How sure am I?  I'm obviously paraphrasing and having a little fun with it – but there were 4 agree/disagree/strongly/weakly statements, and I obviously wasn't headed where the poll wanted.

3) If your Seantor voted to cut Scoial Security benefits, would you be likely to vote for the senator? (n)

4) How important is Social Security to you as a voting issue? (moderate)

5) Usual inquiry to gender, age, and race.

Call ends.

After Action: the phone # on caller ID was 515-412-3175. This number rings Prospect Mortage, with local offices at 2894 106th St, Urbandale, IA 50322, (800) 464-2484. Prospect is a 'closely held' corporation (limited number of shareholders) currently operated by Michael J. Williams as CEO. Mr. Williams was CEO of Fannie Mae from 2009 to 2012.

The local office matches an address listing of RedRock Mortage, and is a franchisee of Prospect, I think – the address is the same, but the phone pool listing and affliation is not on RedRock's staff page.

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  • interesting, thanks for writing up

    Sounds like a voter ID and/or message testing call, rather than a push-poll, which usually is spreading negative information about a named candidate.

  • in the past five days

    I have received three different polling phone calls on the IA-Sen race. Two sounded like real surveys by pollsters–the other was setting up a false choice between improving the economy through energy investments on the one hand, and protecting the environment on the other hand.