Polling . . House District 71?

(For the past week or so, telephone polls have been in the field in many Iowa House districts, but this is the first I've heard about someone getting polled for the wrong statehouse race. Anyone else had the same experience? - promoted by desmoinesdem)

 . . but it's debateable how good the polling of House 71 is.

I got a call last evening on my cell which is issued to a number (I thought) in the Story County phone exchange.  It's from 801-685-8913, Murray, Utah, from “National Polling”. Basic demographical data is asked, and then they ask me if I know these two names: Mark Smith & Jane Jech. Hell, no, I say. 

Okay, moving on, whom do you support for Governor, Senate . . etc. Operator specifically names *all* the names on ballot for each race, with party affliation. How likely am I to vote; what am I registered as? 

Getting back to Smith and Jech, do you like/dislike either? Whom will you vote for, Mr. Smith, the Democrat, or Ms. Jech, the Republican?

Thank you, end of call. 

So, no, I didn't know the House minority leader of District 71 in Marshalltown. (Bad me, bad political watcher!) That position explains why someone was actually willing to pay to get this poll in the field. But there's something quite wrong when you're *not* asking the respondent if they actually live *in* the district you're calling about! (I live in Polk, work in Story, and apparently the 515-509 block of local numbers maps to Marshalltown.) But this isn't an uncommon thing in the modern age – phone companies will often snap up numbers on local exchanges in neighboring areas for cell service.

I was simply shocked to be getting a real polling call. I've gotten so many push polls, I kept waiting for the inevitable mud to get flung. 

Jane Jech, for those unaware, is a 3 time GOP candidate for HD 71, one time primary candidate for SD 36 (2012), pastor's spouse & substitute teacher. As you might guess, her strongest support is in evangelical Christian groups, notably the The Family Leader, is a member of the Marshalltown Pro-Life Task Force & and the Marshalltown TEA Party.

Too bad I can't vote for the Minority Leader! 

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  • I got the same call

    for Iowa House district 43 (Chris Hagenow v. Kim Robinson), which is where I live. I have heard that the same group is polling several other Iowa House districts. You’re the first person I’ve heard about who got polled for the wrong race.

  • it makes sense

    that it would be more of a problem for cell phone users. I was polled on a landline.

  • Get this . .

    I got a follow-up on the same race from the same number, 801-685-8913 out of Murray, Utah, at 9 last night. Exactly a month after the initial call!

    They didn’t acknowledge that they called me before, but the structure of the questioning was very similar. Did ask if I’ve seen any advertising on the race. (I haven’t) I did tell them I went out and found news after their first call and educated myself. This time, however, they solicited my unadulterated opinion & took extensive notes of my comments. Never had that happen before!