Steve King discusses "retribution" from House leaders over immigration stance

According to Representative Steve King (R, IA-04), he and other House conservatives are facing “retribution” from House Speaker John Boehner after they insisted that any Homeland Security funding bill must include language against President Barack Obama’s executive orders on immigration.

Last week, despite opposition from most House Republicans, Congress approved a “clean” bill funding the Department of Homeland Security through the current fiscal year. During the debate over Homeland Security funding, King warned that Republicans were being “lured into a fish trap.” He later lamented that Republican leaders had allowed the U.S. Constitution to be “eviscerated.”

Until CNN flagged it yesterday, I had not heard King’s interview during the March 4 edition of Simon Conway’s WHO radio program. Click here to listen; the portion with King begins around the 15-minute mark. King said Boehner has been “throwing tantrums” and imposing “retribution on the highest scale that I have ever heard of.” By way of example, King asserted,

In the last 30 minutes, I have learned that a very important diplomatic mission, that I was scheduled to go on, that had been signed off on, certified, authorized, everything all booked–the order came down from the Speaker’s office, that shall be rescinded. And apparently, the people whom he most objects to for disagreeing with him are now grounded to the United States of America by order of the Speaker.

Boehner’s office did not respond to CNN’s request for comment on King’s allegation.

Speaking to Conway, King also alluded to “a Republican organization” controlled by Boehner’s former chief of staff, which has run ads against some House conservatives. He’s talking about the American Action Network, “whose officers include former Republican National Committee chief of staff Mike Shields and House Speaker John Boehner’s former chief of staff Barry Jackson.” The group sought to pressure certain House members to support Homeland Security funding with no strings attached.

The bad blood between King and Boehner goes back several years. After Republicans regained control of the House in the 2010 elections, King was passed over for a subcommittee chairmanship in the House Judiciary Committee because of his long list of offensive public statements. Boehner and then House Majority Leader Eric Cantor publicly condemned comments by King that sparked a firestorm during the summer of 2013, when he asserted that there are 100 drug mules for every “DREAMer” who is a valedictorian. Privately, Boehner was said to have called King an “*sshole” during that furor.

King and Representative Rod Blum (IA-01) were among 24 House Republicans who supported other candidates for speaker in January. During the call-in portion of Conway’s March 4 show, King did not embrace a call to impeach Boehner, but he said he believes opposition to House leadership is growing, and many Republicans regret their votes to re-elect the speaker.

  • Bad Cop Worse Cop?

    The theater we’re forced to sit through with these two is boring. And you can’t even enjoy the popcorn because it’s GMO >;-(

    The alleged ‘bad blood’ you speak of is of the kind Georgeous George might have seen in the professional wrestling ring of the 50’s. King acts this way because he can and the scary part is that he’s probably closer to his (real) goals then we might imagine.

    Want a scary thought: What would King try without Boehner in his way?

    Hillary won’t be able to do anything if our lack of voting let’s them take total control of everything from dog catcher up to Governors. Wake up!  

    • King on WHO

      “I’d rather do the wrong thing for the right reason, then do the right thing for the wrong reason.”

      – Rep. Steven King (R-IA) on WHO Radio 3/11/15

      Now we know why Boehner canceled King’s trip…He’s lost his mind. People whose path of logic ends up in a cul de sac shouldn’t be allowed to leave the house, no never mind the country.

      Thanks for the tip about King being on Conway’s show. Judging from the (hand-picked) call-in audience I’d be pretty proud to be Steve King right now if I were him.


  • Steve King Retribution

    I was tossed out of a Republican focus group in Sioux  City Wednesday night.  About 30 minutes in, The moderator wanted input on what the Party could do to win.? I started the discussion by suggesting that supporting the Dream Act and reforming immigration could put several key states in play.

    I also said that Jeb Bush came the closest to this made the argument that bringing undocumented workers out of the shadows would actually increase the wages that employers that formally hired illegals are required to pay, thus eliminating any advantage they previously enjoyed.  At that point at least 2 other participants  were nodding their head and a i perceived that i was getting through to two others.

    At the end of that discussion the moderator said he needed to take a minute and left the room. About 30 seconds after he left another guy came in, tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to step out into the hall for a moment. I followed him out and after we were in the hall he told me that i “was to knowledgeable” for the group and i was free to go.  He gave me my stipend check and i left.

    My point is that Steve King doesnt fear retribution because he knows that as long as he has supporters like  members of the focus group and muzzles moderates like me, he will retain his seat.

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