Tough Choice. In Support of Kurt Meyer for Iowa Democratic Party Chair

Iowa Democratic Party State Central Committee member Laura Hubka chairs the Howard County Democrats and helped create the Tri-County Democrats organization with Kurt Meyer. -promoted by desmoinesdem

After a disastrous election we all needed a breather, but it seemed we wouldn’t have it. We as Iowa Democrats have a lot to digest and consider. I am proud to say that I have listened to and HEARD what all the candidates for IDP Chair have to say.

The candidates who personally asked to meet with me were Kim Weaver, Derek Eadon, Blair Lawton, and Kurt Meyer. Julie Stauch called me and we spoke at length and she offered to meet up with me, but I could not find a free time to make it work. I got an email from Bob Krause. I heard Sandy Dockendorff speak at the first district. I never got any communication from Mike Gronstal except an email from someone else in his stead. I saw all of them speak at the forum the night before the December State Central Committee meeting and again at the SCC meeting (with the exception of Gronstal, who had a prior commitment).

I entered this with an open mind and have been pulled this way and that with my decision. I always have come back to Kurt.

Kurt and I met when I first became the Vice Chair of the Howard County Democrats back in 2008. I was so excited and tried to attend meetings all over the region. Kurt ran the meetings in Mitchell County and always had a concise agenda that was full of information and direction. He is a great communicator about what was happening in Iowa with the Democrats. If you needed an answer, Kurt knew it or would tell you he could find it and he would call you back or email you with the answer quickly. He consistently asked for ideas and helped set them in motion.

Kurt approached me in 2011-12 about joining ranks with our counties. We could see the strength in the people in our counties and knew that finding a place where we all could meet and join our forces would be ideal. We created the “Tri-County Democrats,” which helped re-elect State Senator Mary Jo Wilhelm in 2012 by activating the under-served county of Worth and making a difference. There was a great connection with our rural Democrats, and we were able to maximize this. Kurt knew this all along and he made his vision come to fruition to help us all!

I have worked with Kurt on many things, and this write-up is getting long. I want to get to the “meat of it.”

Kurt has experience; let’s not equate that with what some have coined as a swear word this election, “establishment.” Kurt has given his life blood in some instances for the Iowa Democratic Party. I have seen him traverse the state to stand up for and work for democrats up and down the ticket. Many days starting in the early morning and ending in the dead of night. Kurt has seen the wrong turns and unfortunate decisions that have been made in the past and wants to move forward with a much bolder vision that includes everyone. I feel that the IDP chair is a job you need to be able to hit the ground running, and Kurt never stops moving and working to meet and complete our goals.

Kurt will stay focused on the people and not the “bright lights” and “bells and whistles” that being first in the nation provides, but rather focusing on the reward of getting to know our candidates and the chance we have to excite and empower our people to vote. Kurt would never endanger our “first in the nation” status, even though I have heard this rumor going around. I KNOW much better than that. How easily our words get twisted when they come out of someone else’s mouth. I believe that Kurt believes that we have growing to do and with bringing us all together we will find ourselves in a blue state again.

Kurt has been seen promoting ALL Democratic candidates during primaries and general elections. He has been a strong advocate for letting everyone have a voice and has never uttered a word of preference. He helped bring Bernie Sanders to Kensett and Hillary Clinton to Osage. He has scheduled all candidates running for any seat in our district for “meet and greets” without a hint of preference. Kurt has knocked doors and made phone calls for candidates all over the state. Having been a onetime candidate himself, I know he understands as well as I what it means to have true support from our counties.

Kurt has stayed calm, cool, and collected during some trying times and has stayed focused on the goal of bringing our rural voices to the IDP. He has always had a vision of open and clear communication between Des Moines all the way to the most rural parts of our state. Being open to ALL sides of the conversation and all questions is a quality I find of utmost importance in this type of job. Kurt has experience with the press and on numerous occasions has been quoted in print and has appeared on TV showing great “grace under pressure” representing us well.

Kurt is not a “self promoter” but a candidate that lifts us all. Kurt is not just focused on winning but staying on top of the issues that are important and promoting the many different regions and the diversity of peoples within our state.

Kurt has the time and connections to raise the money we will need to “float this boat”. We have a lot to do and Kurt has worked tirelessly to make sure the right people are contacted and the right amount of time is spent on raising the funds that we so sorely need. Kurt will spend the next two years completely dedicated to doing what we need.

Kurt will listen to what we need and work with those who can make it happen. Kurt’s idea of regional field organizers is a number one for me. Although many of the candidates have proposed this measure Kurt will make it happen by focusing on those regions, finding out what they need and placing the proper person in place.

Kurt is a people person especially when it comes to politics, sharing the work for our cause, for the sake of the friendships that often develop, for the simple joy that comes from knowing another person and the pleasure of other peoples company. It seems this is not an especially common approach to life for many these days PARTICULARY in politics. Kurt is not just seeking a job. He is seeking to help others connect and become community. I believe we all are going to need that community not only for action, but for support in the years ahead.

I am impressed with the people running for this office. Some have been involved a long time and have a length of strong history within the party and some are brand new and bring great new ideas. WE have a lot of work to do and I trust Kurt Meyer at the helm and to be the face of our party. I ask for your support of him as well.

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