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All people with so-called “questionable immigration status” (brown people) are being rounded up. I get it. There are laws in this land. It makes me sick to my stomach and sad.

I heard that a school was targeted in Texas the other day (although I can not find an article yet). Supposedly for criminals and robbers and rapists or ANY one who had committed any other type of offense including traffic stops etc.

Officials said the raids targeted known criminals, but they “also netted some immigrants who did not have criminal records, an apparent departure from similar enforcement waves during former President Barack Obama’s administration.” Last month, “Trump substantially broadened the scope of who the Department of Homeland Security can target to include those with minor offenses or no convictions at all.”

So all those laborers in the fields will not be showing up for work. I wonder how the corporate farms will get around this? I’m sure Trump has some buddies and these places. I wonder if they’ll get some sort of exemption?

Besides the fact that these are just PEOPLE and a big part of the communities they live in, the tax revenue that these people bring in and the money these people spend in these towns will disappear. We saw this happen in the small town of Postville, Iowa. Many of the stores and a lot of the economy of that town died after the ICE raid. Not only that, the diversity and kinship that many towns have built with these PEOPLE.

The friendships of the children? How do you explain to your child that Sophia’s mother was dragged away from school? Now Sophia has to live with some other people. All the children start wondering when they’re coming for their parents next. Do you tell him that it’s because Sophia’s parents have brown skin? That they were “illegal” And it’s okay because you guys are white and American (AKA not illegal by virtue of birth)? The children watch the news or they hear what is going on. Are they going to think Sophia’s parents for rapists or robbers? Will the other children make fun of Sophia because they think her parents are rapists and robbers? Will Sophia start thinking that of her own parents?

The very best we can hope for is that maybe in some magical place in Congress they’re working on an immigration bill that will help these people find a real way to immigrate. One that doesn’t take them 10 years. And cost $25,000. DOUBT IT.

In the meantime these farms are going to have to pay “documented Americans” minimum wage. So instead of paying $2 an hour to the “questionable status” people or paying them per bushel they will have to start paying $7.25 an hour. This will make our produce and other things that take backbreaking work to get out of the field cost a hell of a lot more.

NOT to mention the construction jobs, packing plants and other disgusting jobs that these poor PEOPLE do because they are happy to have any income and too afraid to strive for more in this country. They do all the shit that we do not want to do. They do jobs so cheaply that they are in high demand everywhere.

Many of these companies also “house” many of these undocumented workers in shabby houses (charging up to half of their pay for rent I have heard) or even at the work-sites. They always know they are going to be there for work. NOW, these companies are going to have to depend on Joe and Josephina six pack to show up and actually WORK. Lets remember also that the tax revenue that these people bring in and the money these people spend in these towns will disappear.

Trump Immigration ICE Raids: How Will Deportations Affect The Economy?

I fully expect the rate of unemployment and the rate of skyrocketing welfare in mostly southern states to drop dramatically. Right?

Oh hell. The president* and his buddies will work out some sort of plan. Maybe we don’t have to worry? (Snark)

WE should hang our heads in shame. I am quite sure that something will be “worked out” by the Trump administration so as to not hurt his corporate buddies. But it will not be spoken of or publicized. No one will notice, just like no one noticed all the hard work and love these people brought to our country until its time to BUT STUFF.


You better start ordering your seeds now and do the work yourself.

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  • it is very sad

    Even some Trump voters aren’t going to like what they see from these raids. From a New York Times story out of a small town in Illinois where most voted for Trump:

    Juan Carlos Hernandez Pacheco — just Carlos to the people of West Frankfort — has been the manager of La Fiesta, a Mexican restaurant in this city of 8,000, for a decade. Yes, he always greeted people warmly at the cheerfully decorated restaurant, known for its beef and chicken fajitas. And, yes, he knew their children by name. But people here tick off more things they know Carlos for.

    How one night last fall, when the Fire Department was battling a two-alarm blaze, Mr. Hernandez suddenly appeared with meals for the firefighters. How he hosted a Law Enforcement Appreciation Day at the restaurant last summer as police officers were facing criticism around the country. How he took part in just about every community committee or charity effort — the Rotary Club, cancer fund-raisers, cleanup days, even scholarships for the Redbirds, the high school sports teams, which are the pride of this city.

    “I think people need to do things the right way, follow the rules and obey the laws, and I firmly believe in that,” said Lori Barron, the owner of Lori’s Hair A’Fairs, a beauty salon. “But in the case of Carlos, I think he may have done more for the people here than this place has ever given him. I think it’s absolutely terrible that he could be taken away.”

    On Feb. 9, Mr. Hernandez, 38, was arrested by federal immigration agents near his home, not far from La Fiesta, and taken to a detention facility in Missouri. The federal authorities confirmed that he remained in custody, but would not comment on the precise reason for or timing of his arrest.

  • this Gregory Watkins story from 2011

    supports your point:

    OK, so here in Georgia, millions of dollars of produce are rotting in the fields because state politicians stuck their noses into the immigration debate. A month ago, the state House and Senate passed, and Gov. Nathan Deal signed, House Bill 87, a law designed to drive illegal immigrants out of Georgia. Now state officials are scrambling because it seems that the bill ended up driving a lot of illegal immigrants out of Georgia.

    Now there’s a labor shortage, and fields bugling with blueberries, onions, melons and other crops are going unharvested. This could end up devastating the state economy, as agriculture is Georgia’s largest industry.

  • Pardon me, but

    “They do all the shit that we do not want to do.” You almost seem to be pining for cheap labor.
    I spent many years doing construction. I was proud to call myself a carpenter. We even once built a house for a packing plant worker. He had a union job at the Hormel plant in Albert Lea that was famously busted in a strike some years later.

    We were happy to do the work, but not for $2.