A special message for Nate Boulton supporters

Words of wisdom from Julie Stauch, a veteran of many Democratic campaigns. -promoted by desmoinesdem

To my friends who put your heart into supporting Nate Boulton – this post is for you.

I went to my first caucus in support of Gary Hart in 1984. Then, in 1987, the Monkey Business photo came out and he was out of the presidential race. I can remember the date – May 8. I had been volunteering for him for a little over two months and was rocked by the whole event. My response was – “I’m done. I’m not going to do this again.”

Some wise and more experienced activist (was it Constance Samsel?) convinced me to stay involved and get on with another candidate sooner rather than later. I did and I’m so very glad I did.

So many terrific opportunities have come my way from these strong roots in activism. I’ll list some of them at the bottom, none of which would have happened had I followed through on my first reaction.

Honor your feelings – you are hurt by this. But also recognize the need for YOU to stay engaged. You were a part of Nate’s success: a very important part. Bring that to another campaign.

There are no guarantees in political activism. There are also tremendous opportunities. Our country needs you to stay engaged. We, your friends and family, need you to stay engaged.

Here’s my list of many of the opportunities that came my way because I stayed in it.

* Iowa delegate to the 1988 Democratic National Convention
* Worked for Secretary of State Elaine Baxter and Attorneys General Bonnie Jean Campbell and Tom Miller in state government
* Advance staff for Vice President Al Gore
* Event planner, 1996 DNC Convention in Chicago
* Manager of a presidential Inaugural Ball
* My own event planning business where I worked on international conferences and a Super Bowl
* Campaign manager for 3 congressional races
* Chief Public Affairs Officer for Planned Parenthood of the Heartland… the list goes on.

Keep the faith and keep doing what you believe in.

Bonnie Campbell (then chair of the Iowa Democratic Party), Democratic National Convention delegate Julie Stauch, and presidential nominee Michael Dukakis in 1988:

Julie Stauch with Liz Shanahan and Tom Hughes at the 1996 Democratic National Convention:

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  • I worked for Hart myself

    in 1984 and to some extent planned law school around his anticipated run in 1988.

    Ironically was at the ’96 Convention (I am somewhere down on the floor).

    Most of the people I knew have stayed active. One runs a state LCV group, and has been a delegate many times over. Another is in the US Senate (Shaheen was for Hart). Others have become state senators or state party officials. All of us have meet very interesting people (including musicians and movie stars) and seen very interesting things.

    It is always worth it to stay active: the friends you make will last you a lifetime.

    • You were in the action on the convention floor!

      Thanks for sharing your experience Fladem. You’re so right about the connections. Many good experiences.

  • Thank you to all Iowans...

    …who are working in varied ways to make Iowa a better place through our political system, by working for good candidates, issues, political system improvements, and/or other needs. Of course there can be disappointment, anger, frustration, and sadness. But there can also be hope, determination, friendship, achievement, and joy.

    And also serendipity. Long ago I was able to provide a reporter with information that resulted in a story that helped, just a little, to take down Roger Jepsen and give a first U.S. Senate victory to Tom Harkin. Now that was joy.