Girls can wrestle, and a woman will win

Andy Johnson works in the locally-owned clean energy transition, and farms with his wife and three daughters in rural Winneshiek County, northeast Iowa. -promoted by Laura Belin

Tis the season … for girls’ wrestling! (And yes, for presidential choices also.)

Last Friday my daughter persuaded our family to go to the girls’ state wrestling tournament in Waverly, and wow. Strength, team spirit, determination, leadership, intelligence, grit, power … and a lotta wins!

What did I expect? Sometimes society changes slowly, sometimes a bit more quickly. People too – even when we think we’re pretty enlightened.

Girls’ wrestling – from the spirit we witnessed on Friday – is unstoppable. Yet 231 years after George Washington’s inauguration, “males only” still defines the Oval Office and, apparently, the American mind.

Congratulations to the pioneering Decorah girls’ wrestlers. And thanks for the perspective refresher.

If Decorah and Iowa are ready for girls’ wrestling, then Iowa and the nation surely are ready for a female president. Enough with the electability arguments. Enough with every single doggone doubt and excuse. Enough with 231 years of half the sky.

Whether you lean moderate or progressive, we have two strong, determined, intelligent, gritty, powerful, and highly successful (as in, undefeated) leaders and candidates.

May the best woman win on February 3. I can’t wait to see her go to the mat in November, and the Oval Office in January.

Top photo of the Johnson family published with permission. The author adds, “The entire family is proud of the feminist history on Andy’s Mother’s side, which extends all the way back to the early English suffragettes (yes, together with Mrs. Pankhurst of ‘Mary Poppins’ fame)!”

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