Introducing the Evening Heartland newsletter

Bleeding Heartland will soon launch a newsletter for readers who want to follow the site's Iowa politics coverage by email.

Evening Heartland will feature links to journalism and analysis published here, as well as occasional reader feedback, looks behind the scenes at Laura Belin's reporting process, and of course, Iowa wildflower photos. The newsletter will be distributed Sunday and Thursday evenings, and occasionally on Tuesday evenings.

Evening Heartland will provide another option for readers who prefer email updates about the latest news or recent stories they may have missed. There is no fee to sign up, nor will Bleeding Heartland put any coverage behind a paywall for subscribers. Keeping all the site's reporting and commentary available at no charge is a core value for Laura.

You can subscribe here. We will never share your email address or sell it to any third party.

Don't want any more emails in your inbox? No problem. Readers will still be able to access everything published on the site any time by visiting Bleeding Heartland through any web browser. You can also keep up by following Bleeding Heartland's Facebook page and Laura's Twitter feed.

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