DeJear amends disclosure, lists all small donors

Deidre DeJear’s campaign for governor submitted an amended financial disclosure on February 11, listing all contributors, regardless of donation size.

The report filed with the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board last month listed $56,924.78 in unitemized contributions to DeJear’s campaign, an unusually large number. Campaign manager Cynthia Sebian-Lander told me online donors accounted for most of that total, but the report listed each gift from individuals whose cumulative contributions exceeded a certain threshold.

Republican attorney Alan Ostergren pointed out in a February 3 Twitter thread that under Iowa Administrative Code, campaigns must make an “all-or-nothing decision” on whether to itemize contributions below $25. The relevant section says disclosures “shall include the name and address of each person who has made one or more contributions of money to the committee if the aggregate amount of contributions (either monetary or in-kind) received from that person in the calendar year exceeds $25,” adding, “If the committee chooses to itemize contributions that are less than the required itemization threshold, it may do so, but shall either do so for all contributions or none of the contributions under the threshold.”

Both the original filing and the amended one show contributions to DeJear’s gubernatorial campaign totaled $279,376.92 during 2021. The contributions report filed on January 19 was 249 pages long, whereas the new report lists donors over 567 pages.

DeJear is the only Democrat actively running for governor. Her campaign finance disclosure fueled speculation about other candidates joining the field, since DeJear reported just $8,547.28 cash on hand as of December 31. However, no one else has announced plans to seek the nomination. The deadline to file nominating papers is March 18.

State Representative Chris Hall was the latest to rule out challenging Governor Kim Reynolds, whose campaign closed out last year with nearly $4.8 million in the bank.

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