Iowa CCI Action endorses Glenn Hurst for U.S. Senate

The Hurst for Iowa campaign just received an overwhelming endorsement from Iowa’s leading progressive organization, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund. In the announcement, they stated, “We’re endorsing Glenn because he’s with us on the issues and on challenging business-as-usual politics and the status quo. He shares our belief that real change comes from the ground up, and he has a plan to win and can excite a grassroots base to turn out to the polls on June 7.”

CCI Action Fund explained the choice as follows:

Elections are a means to advance our organizing campaigns. And when it comes to getting profits out of healthcare, we need elected officials who will go toe-to-toe with health insurance greed and Big Pharma.

That’s why we’re excited to endorse Glenn Hurst for Senate!

We know our privatized Medicaid system isn’t working for Iowans, private insurance too often denies the care we need, and life-saving drugs are priced out of reach for many. It’s clear we need a healthcare system that puts patients before profits and care before corporate greed.

As a small-town rural doctor in western Iowa, Dr. Glenn Hurst knows this as well and is committed to the fight for Medicare for All.

Susie Petra, a CCI Action member from Ames, characterized the campaign by saying,

Glenn Hurst is a person who actually ‘walks the talk’ and shows that he can play a vital role in solving the problems our planet faces. Glenn has a firm grasp on the issues facing rural and urban Iowans – healthcare, water quality, and industrial agriculture monopolies, and how to revitalize rural Iowa. And he knows we must get profits out of healthcare and move to pass Medicare for All.

As part of their endorsement, Iowa CCI Action Fund organizes weekly phone banking in support of their candidates.

“These calls make a difference and help us connect more Iowans to our issue organizing work to win big change.”

Interested parties can register to phone bank here:…

Individuals who wish to invest in their values by pledging a contribution toward the campaign can do so at:

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