Vote Shaimaa Aly in a critical down-ballot race

Tim Nelson is a Democratic activist based in Polk County.

Broadlawns Medical Center, the public hospital in Polk County, Iowa, doesn’t provide elective abortions. But the hospital’s staff do perform medically necessary, life saving abortions.

As a public hospital, Broadlawns has elected trustees, unlike private hospitals.

This means we choose the members of the Broadlawns Board of Trustees.

With more severe abortion bans potentially on the horizon in Iowa, Broadlawns’ trustees will have a role to play in how state policies impact Broadlawns Medical Center and its patients.

We need to elect pro-choice champions to the board—people who will fight and lobby against vague, ambiguous, or restrictive state laws that would prevent Broadlawns from providing the best care to patients. Hospital policies affect whether staff can promptly perform medically necessary abortions or must wait until the patient gets worse. Lives are on the line, as we can see from nightmares playing out in states where near-total abortion bans are already on the books.

Shaimaa Aly for Broadlawns Trustee is a pro-choice champion, and I encourage you all to check out her campaign.


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The Broadlawns Board of Trustees nominees are on the back of the Polk County ballot this year. So don’t forget to turn your ballot over and vote for Shaimaa Aly!

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