Jasmine Schneider: The force for change Davenport needs

Alexandra Dermody is a Davenport based Gen Z activist, nonprofit director, and small business owner.

A promising figure has emerged in Davenport’s political tapestry: Jasmine Schneider. A stalwart community organizer and advocate for change, Schneider has thrown her hat into the ring for this year’s mayoral election. With a comprehensive, ambitious agenda, she brings a breath of fresh air and dedication to her vision of a more inclusive, thriving Davenport.

Schneider’s steadfast resolve is woven throughout her political platform, from her commitment to restorative justice to her focus on Davenport’s economic development. Her key priorities, distilled from her understanding of the city’s most pressing challenges, are both inclusive and innovative.

One of Schneider’s initiatives is a strong emphasis on restorative justice and public safety. Understanding the importance of ensuring a safe environment for all Davenport residents, she is resolved to decrease youth crime rates by fostering rehabilitation and promoting community engagement. Her promise is a safer, more harmonious Davenport.

Likewise, Schneider has plans for invigorating economic development, especially in the underutilized West End. She proposes to usher in new businesses and stimulate entrepreneurship, and her leadership will facilitate a future where all Davenport citizens can prosper.

Schneider has always been a champion of civil rights and liberties. She has committed to establishing a robust civil rights department that will fervently protect the rights and liberties of Davenport’s citizens. She is the beacon of hope Davenport’s marginalized communities need, ensuring their voices will be heard and safeguarded.

Addressing the growing need for safe affordable housing, Schneider plans to ramp up the budget for and development of housing projects and fight the slumlords who take advantage of Davenport’s most vulnerable. The goal is to ensure that a preventable disaster like the collapse of 324 Main Street will never happen again. She envisions a Davenport where everyone has a secure, affordable place to live.

Moreover, Schneider recognizes the challenges posed by climate change. She intends to protect Davenport’s riverfront, from Credit Island to the village of east Davenport, with robust flood protections and make the city resilient to the adversities of the changing climate.

Schneider’s credentials and professional background mirror her dedication to the community. Her early work as a caregiver to her valuable contributions in service, retail, and environmental services at the Unity Point Hospital system, all showcase her work ethic and fervor for excellence. Add to that her successful operation of a home-based baked goods service, her role as a caregiver and community caretaker, and her role as a local activist, Schneider’s hands-on understanding of Davenport’s hardworking citizens is undeniable.

Driven by a desire to create a more accepting, inclusive Davenport, Schneider is not just a candidate; she’s a testament to resilience. Having experienced poverty, housing insecurity, and the brunt of prejudice, she strives to cultivate a safer, happier environment for all Davenport citizens.

Jasmine Schneider is a powerhouse of vibrant spirit, experience, and unwavering dedication to progressive values. As mayor, she would lead with compassion, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to her fellow citizens. She’s not just a formidable force for change—she’s the change Davenport desperately needs.

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Top photo of Jasmine Schneider provided by the author and published with permission.

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