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Caffeinated Thoughts Goes Apoplectic Against Libby Anne & Me!

Shane Vander Hart says I am irresponsible for posting any criticism of the repeal.  He also says Libby Anne is ignorant, and a statists, and he says “she doesn't know any homeschoolers!”


Iowa Homeschooling Law Changes Brings Out Liberal Ignorance

| May 28, 2013 | Reply

There were a number of hatchet jobs written last week and over the weekend about homeschooling and Iowa’s repeal of it’s current homeschooling law.  Let me drill down on “Libby Anne” who was highlighted, rather irresponsibly I might add, by Bleeding Heartland over the weekend.

“Libby Anne” writes:

Yesterday, the Iowa legislature betrayed its obligation to protect the well-being of that state’s homeschooled children. In one fell swoop, the legislature removed every safeguard designed to ensure that they were actually receiving an education. It’s gone now, all of it, every little protection, and there is now nothing left to ensure the needs and interests homeschooled children. Nothing. And that is, of course, how homeschooling advocates wanted it.

First we have an obvious conflict of worldviews at play.  Who is ultimately responsible for a child’s well being?  If you say the state then you are a statist – wear it loud and proud.  A biblical worldview would state that God gave parents responsibility over their child’s well-being….


Anyone who supports any law against anything is a statist, and should wear the word with pride.  That is a meaningless term given all the laws against birth control, and other reproductive rights, Mr Van Der Hart would probably like to pass.  I think he is motivated more by theocratic interests, than a sincere interest in Liberty!

Libby Anne is from a homeschooling family.  Apparently Mr Van Der Hart was ignorant of this before making his comment.