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Elizabeth Edwards on the Campaign Trail!

Elizabeth Edwards is out on the campaign trail speaking to voters around the country about John's plans for Universal Health Care, Ending the War in Iraq, Improving Education and a host of other important issues.

Recently, Elizabeth was in New Hampshire where she spoke at the New Hampshire Democratic Party Fall Conference.

Elizabeth in Manchester, NH

Elizabeth unveiled Young Granite Staters For Edwards, this week while visiting the state.

Tuesday morning, MSNBC aired an interview with Elizabeth where she discussed the Presidential Campaign.

Watch it here:

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Hillary Clinton and "The Politics of Parsing"


Remember Hillary's double talk during Tuesday's debate?

Hillary's (and her surrogates') response was that she was piled on.Unfairly. By six men.

Damsel in the Debate

By Ruth Marcus
Friday, November 2, 2007; Page A21

My favorite photo of the week — maybe my favorite photo of the presidential campaign so far — showed Hillary Clinton, dukes up, in a pair of bright red boxing gloves. It is iconic Hillary, unafraid to take on a fight. Which is also why the almost anti-feminist subtext of the past few days — a message emanating from the Clinton campaign and its allies — has been so unnecessary, and so disappointing.

“Six guys against Hillary,” said Gerald McEntee, president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, as he announced the union's endorsement and presented Clinton with the gloves. “I'd call that a fair fight.”

McEntee's remarks echoed the “piling on” theme the Clinton campaign adopted after Tuesday's debate in Philadelphia in which Clinton was pummeled by her competitors.  con't…

Unfairly “piling on” a woman or demanding straight answers and the truth from a Presidential Candidate?

You decide:



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