Edwards Evening News RoundUp: Diplomacy

Welcome to the Edwards Evening News RoundUp!   Tonight's features are:  

I.  Iraq, Iran & Pakistan: Diplomatic Politcal Solutions

 II. American Heroes Week III. Edwards' Statement on the WGA Strike

III. Edwards' Statement of Support of the WGA Strike

I. Iraq, Iran & Pakistan 

Iraq & Iran 

Today, Edwards delivered a major foreign policy speech in  Iowa, “Learning the Lessons of Iraq and a Plan for Iran,” “where he discussed a key difference between his plan of not leaving combat troops in Iraq and Hillary's plan of continuing combat missions, the problem with double talk and the “dangerous context” in which this is occuring:

The bottom line is simple—no combat troops; no combat missions; no combat, period. Not sometime to be determined, not by 2013. By the end of my first year as president, by the end of 2009.

 I believe every candidate for president owes the American people a clear and specific plan for ending the Iraq War, and I have done my part. You deserve to know exactly where we stand. With less than 60 days to the caucus, Senator Clinton has still not given specific answers to specific questions. How many troops will she withdraw, and when will she withdraw them? All she’s said is that she will meet with her generals within two months of taking office. That’s not a plan. That’s not even a real promise. It’s the promise of a planning meeting. 

What’s more, Senator Clinton wants to keep combat troops in Iraq to perform combat missions in Iraq. She will extend the war. I will end the war. Only in Washington would anybody believe that you can end the war and continue combat. On a matter as serious as Iraq, we need honesty and real answers—not more double-talk. 

And all of this is occurring in a very dangerous context—when we badly need leadership that will stand up to the president. The neocons are once again preparing for war. Defense Secretary Robert Gates recently told reporters that the administration has prepared “contingency plans” for attacks. George Bush has been rolling out reckless rhetoric, saying that “World War III” is just around the corner with Iran. And just over a week ago, Bush and Cheney declared the Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization and a proliferator of weapons of mass destruction.


Hillary is not offering straight answers on Iraq. And while she says one thing about Iran, she's joining with the neocons in their saber rattling against Iran in her actions, by voting for the Kyle-Lieberman Resolution: 

On Iran: “Hillary Voted with Bush and the Neocons” 


Senator Clinton is voting like a hawk in Washington, while talking like a dove in Iowa and New Hampshire. One of her advisors told the New York Times that was because she was shifting from primary mode to general election mode. Well, we only need one mode from our president—tell the truth mode all the time.


Senator Clinton is on the side of Bush and the neocons on this one. She's “giving them exactly what they want” joining their march to war with Iran.                                                                                   …………………………. 

During his major policy speech in Iowa, Edwards also proposed a Five Point Plan to deal with Iran diplomatically.


Learning the Lesson of Iraq: A New Strategy for Iran 

First and foremost, end the preventive war doctrine.

 Second, use tougher and more targeted economic sanctions to force Iran's leaders to understand that they cannot continue to buck the will of the international community without destroying their ability to be a modern, advanced nation.   

Third, use incentives to convince Iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions and re-join the world community.

 Fourth, reengage with Iran using a new multi-level diplomatic approach. 

Fifth, reengage with other major nations like Russia and China on the challenges facing Iran.



 Edwards issued a statement today on Pakistan: 


Edwards Statement On Recent Developments In Pakistan 

The recent developments in Pakistan are extremely worrisome. Pakistan is a state with nuclear weapons and terrorist safe havens in its northwest tribal regions. Stability in Pakistan is of utmost importance to the United States and the world. General Musharraf's declaration of emergency rule and his arrest of hundreds of political opponents will destabilize the situation, and I strongly oppose these acts. These developments also provide another reason the U.S. should not launch a 'preventive war' in Iran. At this critical moment, we cannot afford to be bogged down in Iran, especially when Pakistan, as opposed to Iran, already has nuclear weapons.

 “America should be using our direct aid as well as our diplomatic arsenal as diplomatic sticks to defuse the situation in Pakistan and to restore stability and constitutionalism to Pakistan. Musharraf needs to be bringing democratic reformers into the government, not shutting them down. He needs to be extending the reach of the legitimate government to the tribal regions, not backing down to al Qaeda and the Taliban. He needs to support judicial review and the separation of powers, not fight these important constitutional institutions. And he needs to be doing everything in his power to shut down terrorist acts like the recent assassination attempt on Benazir Bhutto — not retreating from them.”


Edwards also discussed this on the Situation Room, stating that we must use “the great leaverage we have. If that doesn't work, we need to start taking money away” while being “very cognizent of the fact that Pakistan could use a nuclear weapon or give a nuclear weapon to a terrorist group.”  

Watch what Edwards said here:

 Edwards will lead the way on diplomatic measures with other countries and will be the President who halts the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons: 


 II. American Heroes Week  

On Friday in South Carolina, John Edwards kicked off “American Heroes Week” to honor the real heroes of America: the hard working people who have no voice in Washington. Saturday, Edwards traveled to New Orleans to work with volunteers helping to rebuild homes at a Habitat for Humanity housing project. After volunteering, Edwards delivered the keynote speech at a Step It Up Climate Change Rally. Sunday, he returned to Iowa, where he will wrap up his American Heroes Tour on Wednesday.  Today, to celebrate the Anerican heroes of America, the Edwards campaign posted a mosaic  and is asking people to add their photo the the mosaic above of American Heroes: 

 From an Edwards for President Email Today: To honor and recognize the tens of thousands of people who are the driving force behind this campaign, today we're launching a special project on our Web site. It's called the “Heroes of One America” project, and, when it is completed on December 31, it will be a mosaic of thousands of photos and images. Combined, these make up one complete picture. 



III. Edwards' Statement on the WGA Strike 

In keeping with his fight for workers' rights, Edwards issued a statement in support of the WGA Strike: 

 Edwards Statement In Support Of Striking Writers Guild Members       

Chapel Hill, North Carolina – Today, Senator John Edwards released the following statement in support of the striking Writers Guild members:  “The striking Writers Guild members are fighting an important battle to protect their creative rights.

These writers deserve to be compensated fairly for their work, and I commend their courage in standing up to big media conglomerates. As someone who has walked picket lines with workers all across America and as a strong believer in collective bargaining, I hope that both sides are able to quickly reach a just settlement.”



  • A new Edwards mailer going out in Iowa

  • Thanks for the Situation Room clip!

    I missed it earlier today.  It comes on mid-afternoon here in CO, so I rarely catch it.

    Edwards has always impressed me, but lately he has only shone brighter.  His presence overwhelms his interviewers, both here and on This Week.

    I wish he could already apply that intense intelligence in the White House.  I don’t trust the current occupant to deal wisely with Iran and Pakistan.

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