Edwards Evening News Roundup: It really isn't a Laughing Matter

Campaigns are supposed to be fun. Debates are supposed to be informative. Life is suppose to be fair. Our kids are suppose to have a better life than we have.

Wouldn't be great if Life were true to the script? Wouldn't it be great if people could pull together to solve complex problems? Wouldn't it be great if our Leaders actually had the Courage of their Convictions — and actually tried to Lead?

At least one candidate is trying to do just that, Lead America to its full Potential. But it's truly something that he can't do alone. The goal of a Better Life for All Americans, really takes “All Americans” to get involved and and stand up for what's right.

John Edwards wants to “shake up Washington”, so that it actually works for the People again, because it's the right thing to do. The Issues ahead are serious. They will take serious leadership, and teamwork to ultimately solve.

Please take a few minutes, to catch up with John Edwards News round up, covering the man trying to make that real difference, for real people:

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