Elizabeth Warren can take on Washington corruption

Sandy Dockendorff is president of the Danville Board of Education and a longtime Democratic activist in southeast Iowa. -promoted by Laura Belin

As a rural school board member, nurse, parent, and grandparent, I’ve been looking for the presidential candidate who shares my vision for America — an America with great public schools, access to quality health care as a right, resources like broadband and child care in rural communities, and opportunity for struggling folks from all walks of life to gain economic security.

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Issue Advocacy and the Future Relevance of the Democratic Party

Sandy Dockendorff continues the series of guest commentaries by candidates for Iowa Democratic Party chair. -promoted by desmoinesdem

I recently participated in a meeting with a couple of local legislators to discuss education issues and to provide information about our school district and the kind of help we could use from the legislature this year. Our school district has done this every year that I have been on the school board, though this year we had a new face – one of the new GOP house members.

In short, we advocated for Education with our legislators. We were specific on what we need from our legislators. We stressed that it is not all about the funding, but that the lack of funding does have an impact on student achievement. We pointed out that public education is not failing and provided proof. We told them it is important for our legislators and our government officials to speak about public education in a positive manner if we want our families to take education seriously. We even showed them a video about why it is important to change how we view education.

Advocating for issues is what I do. It is who I am. It is what drives me to be an active Democrat.

I am not alone.

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