Elizabeth Warren can take on Washington corruption

Sandy Dockendorff is president of the Danville Board of Education and a longtime Democratic activist in southeast Iowa. -promoted by Laura Belin

As a rural school board member, nurse, parent, and grandparent, I’ve been looking for the presidential candidate who shares my vision for America — an America with great public schools, access to quality health care as a right, resources like broadband and child care in rural communities, and opportunity for struggling folks from all walks of life to gain economic security.

But I know that when all is said and done, no matter what issues I may find most important, none of them will be resolved until we fix the corruption of our campaign finance laws and legislative process in Congress.

After months of closely listening to each of the candidates, I’ve come to the conclusion there’s just one who best shares my values and has already shown she has the guts to take on the corruption in Washington — and that’s Elizabeth Warren.

She understands the status quo of corporate interests running our government puts the heaviest burden on those least able to stand up to the constant threat of losing everything — or never getting the opportunity to dream in the first place.

Elizabeth Warren has a plan to fix that, and I’m proud to be along her side to get it done.

Sandy Dockendorff is a political and community activist in Danville with a particular interest in health care and education. She has long been involved with the Iowa Democratic Party and at various times served as Des Moines County chair, a State Central Committee member, Second District chair, and chair of the Rules Committee at the county, Congressional district, and state level.

Top image: Photo by Emilene Leone of Elizabeth Warren in Burlington, Iowa on May 27, 2019, published with permission. Here’s another one of Emilene’s pictures from the same event:

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