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John Landon will represent Iowa House district 37

Despite finishing a distant third in the June 5 primary, John Landon won a district nominating convention last night to be the Republican candidate in the new Iowa House district 37. Since Democrats did not field a candidate in the Ankeny area district, Landon is in effect guaranteed a seat in the Iowa House for the next two years. I've posted background on Landon and the House district 37 campaign after the jump.

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IA-01: Ben Lange rolls out endorsements

This morning Ben Lange announced a "steering committee" of 57 Republicans supporting his campaign in Iowa's first Congressional district. Lange's endorsers include nine local or county elected officials, three former state legislators, six current or former chairs of county Republican parties, five former candidates for state or federal offices, and seven "tea party" or "9/12 group" activists. About half of the steering committee members live in either Linn, Black Hawk or Dubuque counties, which are home to roughly half of the registered Republicans in the new IA-01.

I've posted the full list of Lange endorsers below, along with background on some of the politicians named. The Lange campaign didn't respond to my request for comment on rival candidate Rod Blum's suggestion that Lange lacks the experience or record of accomplishments to be a strong Congressional candidate. I haven't seen any rebuttals to Blum on Lange's campaign website or Facebook page either. In a sense, rolling this steering committee is an indirect answer to Blum: dozens of committed Republican activists see something in Lange worth supporting.

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Weekend open thread and GOP presidential campaign links

What's on your mind this weekend, Bleeding Heartland readers?

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty sent out his first direct mail to Iowa Republicans this week. The mailer is a biographical piece, describing Pawlenty's childhood and family background as well as key achievements as governor. Two prominent Iowa Republicans are co-chairing Pawlenty's campaign in this state: former gubernatorial candidate Christian Fong and Roger Underwood. Fong has carved out a niche as a promoter of conservatism among younger Iowa voters. Underwood has worked in the ag industry in Ames for the last three decades and was a policy adviser for Terry Branstad's gubernatorial campaign. After the jump I've posted the Pawlenty campaign press release with more background on Fong and Underwood.

Black Hawk County Republicans still hope Representative Michele Bachmann will officially announce her candidacy in Waterloo this month, even though she already confirmed during Monday's CNN Republican debate that she is running for president. In a web video released June 13, Bachmann said she had filed papers to run and promised, "With your common sense and with your energy, working together, we will take our country back in 2012." Many presidential candidates become book authors, and Bachmann is shopping around a memoir, to be published this fall. State Senator Kent Sorenson is heading Bachmann's campaign in Iowa; Iowa GOP State Central Committee member Wes Enos is a staffer for her political action committee. Enos was Mike Huckabee's political director in Iowa before the 2008 caucuses.

Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore's presidential campaign looks finished before it officially began. A few days ago Danny Carroll resigned as Moore's Iowa campaign chair, saying Moore was not "going to be able to raise the money necessary for a viable campaign." Sioux City Pastor Cary Gordon, a Moore supporter and prominent figure in last year's campaign against retaining Iowa Supreme Court justices, told Bret Hayworth that he has advised Moore to drop the presidential bid he's been exploring. Moore wasn't raising enough money to compete in the Iowa GOP's August straw poll in Ames, Gordon explained.

Parenting magazine just named Des Moines number 5 on its list of 100 "best cities for families," citing good education, health and amenities as well as a low unemployment rate. Moving his wife and children to Des Moines for several months didn't boost then-Senator Chris Dodd's campaign for the 2008 Democratic caucuses. But at least Dodd wasn't charging a school district back home in Connecticut for his daughters' education in Iowa. When Rick Santorum was in the U.S. Senate, a suburban Pittsburgh school district paid big bucks for his children to use its internet-based school from their home in Virginia.

Speaking of Santorum, has anyone heard his Iowa radio commercial? His campaign didn't release the size of the ad buy.

This is an open thread.

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Is Bill Dix the Iowa Senate Republicans' leader-in-waiting?

Civic Skinny's latest column at the Des Moines weekly Cityview leads with a warning for Iowa Senate Minority Leader Paul McKinley. Citing "top people in both parties," Skinny speculates that "powerful party forces - and that's code for Ed Failor Jr.'s Iowans for Tax Relief" want to replace McKinley with "one of their own - and that probably means Bill Dix [...]"

Follow me after the jump for Skinny's case as well as some additional supporting evidence and background on Dix, Iowans for Tax Relief, and longstanding Republican discontent with McKinley.

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