Make News, Make History

Make the Media listen to the “Voice of the People”

The people of this Country are speaking up

for the Candidate that the Media “loves to ignore”

John Edwards !

And how are they speaking up?

In the one language the corporate Media understands


You too can add you voice to this grassroots campaign:

Send in 10 or 20 bucks. TODAY!  (01-18-2008)

Ron Paul’s supporters made National News,

by rallying Millions in donations on one day,

and so can Edwards supporters!

Will you stand up for Democracy?

(If you don’t — who will?)

[click the image – to speak out]

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Today’s The Day John Edwards Grabs The Gold

by KingOneEye  

Fri Jan 18, 2008

Will you stand up for Democracy?…


Edwards on the Issues


Meet John EdwardsSelected Clips:…


It’s time to Take OUR Country Back!

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  • thanks for posting

    $7 million seems very ambitious, but even $1 million would do a lot to help Edwards advance his message in the February 5 states.