Guess which Iowan just won the "jackass award"?

Over at the Washington Independent, Spencer Ackerman has given Congressman Steve King the “jackass award”. Here’s why:

He says first that we can’t trust interrogators who want to “cuddle up to someone” to get the truth, even though that’s pretty close to what professional interrogators actually do to get the truth. And then he says that Bush used the same “aggressive” reasoning to go into Iraq to deal with weapons of mass destruction, because if he hadn’t and “we had been attacked again,” or if we hadn’t waterboarded Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and then we were attacked again, then the critics now would be perhaps impeaching Bush. This is his defense! A mess of counterfactual conditionals, factual misstatements (there, like, weren’t any WMDs in Iraq) and pure, unadulterated politics. God bless Mr. King.

Please help rid our state of this national embarrassment. Support Rob Hubler, Democratic candidate in the fifth district, with a donation before the June 30 deadline.

I went over quite a few reasons to support Hubler against King in this post.

It’s also worth noting that Hubler released a strong statement opposing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that just passed the House last week.

  • Good plan

    Hubler is a good candidate.  He seems to be raising his profile and getting some buzz.  And he is hard for King to attack on the personal level that is King’s special forte, as he is a retired minister and veteran.

    Steve King:  National Embarassment and Iowa’s Shame.

    Rob Hubler:  “I won’t make you cringe.”

  • Honorable Mention: John McCain

    I would offer John McCain’s recent campaign visit to eastern Iowa as honorable mention for the ” Jackass Award”.  McCain ignored the recommendations of Governor Chet Culver not to visit Iowa during the massive flood recovery.   McCains visit coincided exactly the same day as President George Bush’s visit to eastern Iowa.  The visits by President Bush and Senator McCain on the same day required extensive security by local and state law enforcement.

  • McCain offers little support for returning veterans

    Not only did John McCain miss the vote on Webb’s new GI bill (one of only two U.S. Senators not present for the vote on June 26, 2008), but he also actively opposed the bill as overly generous.  Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton voted for H.R. 2642 and were co-sponsors of the bill in the U.S. Senate.

    President George Bush and Senator John McCain were not supportive of the new GI bill: bipartisan legislation that would greatly expand educational benefits for members of the military returning home from the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Other co-sponsors of the bill included Republican Senators John Warner of Virginia and Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, both veterans and past beneficiaries of the GI bill.

    We owe our veterans something for their honorable service in the time of war. The people who bore the most anguish and suffering are the people who could use these benefits.

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