Jackie Norris taking a new job in Washington

The White House announced on Thursday that Susan Sher will replace Jackie Norris as First Lady Michelle Obama’s chief of staff. Sher is a White House attorney and longtime friend of Obama’s from Chicago. Radio Iowa posted a press release containing statements from Michelle Obama, Sher and Norris.

Norris will head serve as senior adviser to the Corporation for National and Community Service, which oversees AmeriCorps and other programs. She and her husband, John Norris, were among Barack Obama’s key early supporters in Iowa. Jackie Norris also directed Obama’s Iowa campaign during the general election. John Norris is now chief of staff for Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack.

I wish Jackie Norris the best of luck in her new position. The Corporation for National and Community Service has the potential to improve countless Americans’ lives.

UPDATE: An unnamed senior administration official told Politico that Norris wanted out of the job.

  • This is a step up?

    It looks like it, except for the glamour angle. This was pretty quick, though.

    • most people probably wouldn't consider it

      a step up. Working in the White House is very prestigious. However, I think the new job affects more lives than being the first lady’s chief of staff. Probably the hours are less insane as well, which is significant, since the Norrises have three boys under age 6.

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