Who will step up to challenge Latham and King?

BENAWU has restarted a diary series tracking Democratic candidates in U.S. House districts across the country. So far there are no declared candidates in either of Iowa's Republican-held districts.

If you know of any Democrats considering a run against Tom Latham (IA-04) or Steve King (IA-05), please post a comment in this thread, or in BENAWU's thread, or send me an e-mail at desmoinesdem AT yahoo.com.

Please also feel free to speculate here about who might become good candidates for us in these districts. I recognize that neither of these races are strong pickup opportunities for Democrats, but there are benefits to leaving no Republican unchallenged. Active Democratic candidates working different parts of the state should help boost turnout in our statehouse races, for instance.

  • 4th District organizing...

    The fourth district democrats have formed a task force to function as a platform for a candidate that gets the nomination to jump off. This task force is working on building a functioning data base complete with donors, activist, county contacts, volunteer, calendar events, and other infrastructure needs. Tom Harrington (sp?), Sheldon Spencer, & Kurt Meyer are leading these efforts from my observations.

    Having said that, Sheldon Spencer is seriously considering a  run but is being severely discouraged by top state democratic leaders (I think we know why, right?). Kurt Meyer apparently REALLY wants it, he ran in the primary last time, too. Reaction to his enthusiasm has been rather cool... to say the least.  Thats all I know about the 4th thus far.

    • Well

      At least Selden did better than Becky. I would like to see someone who has actually been elected to an office before run...Maybe Senator Rich Olive?

      • Elected officials...

        such as Sen. Olive would be a good idea! I'd support this more than a random figure or past candidate. The plus, they have a platform and votes to run on. The minus, they would have a whole host of votes that could be drawn on for good ol Tom to trash and smear with his endless amounts of cash. Regardless of who runs, it'll be an  up hill battle. 🙁  

        • Yeah

          Pretty far up hill. But this will be the last one. Redistricting will either force Latham to run against King or the 3rd will encompass Ames and Latham will either face a very old Boswell or one of the many Democratic candidates Des Moines can muster.

          Bob Krause 2010!

  • Latham Watch

    There's a 4th District website tracking Tom Latham, too:


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