Republican distortion watch: Steve King edition

When a bunch of national blogs write about Representative Steve King, you know it’s not for anything that will make Iowans proud. This week was no exception, as King led a group of more than 50 House Republicans demanding that Kevin Jennings resign as the White House official focusing on “safe schools.”

As you might expect, the basis for King’s campaign against Jennings is a canard, but he didn’t stop even after his office was informed that the allegations were false.

Steve Benen, Greg Sargent and Jed Lewison have more on King’s latest embarrassing crusade.

Council Bluffs resident Mike Denklau announced on October 15 that he is running against King in 2010. His official campaign website is here. Although this district leans strongly Republican, it’s important not to leave people like King unchallenged.

  • King is correct again

    The fact that somebody drummed up the supposed kid Jennings wrote about so he could produce a driver’s license for the press is sign enough that this is a huge black mark on Jennings’ record.

    It doesn’t matter, though.

    According to Jennings himself, he BELIEVED that the student was fifteen and he BELIEVED he was having sex with an adult male.  Guilty as charged.

    Couple this with Jennings’ NAMBLA ties and I can’t believe any mother would write this guy off as harmless to children.

    • wrong again

      Jennings has no NAMBLA ties, no matter what King keeps telling you.

      • Is Kevin Jennings intelligent?

        His being “inspired” by Harry Hay would be like you being inspired by a really great Democrat who also happens to be a Holocaust denier.  A conscientious person wouldn’t be able to excuse one to go along with the other.…

        Aside from the particulars of the Jennings case, homosexual sex and its resulting sub-culture is very dangerous both physically and psychologically.  To allow activists into our schools to push this to our children is insane.

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