Ads thanking Boswell and other health care reform news

Health Care for America NOW and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees are running television ads this week thanking 20 Democrats in relatively tough districts who voted for the House health care reform bill last Saturday. If you live in the Des Moines viewing area, you may have seen this commercial about Congressman Leonard Boswell:


Corporate-funded conservative groups have targeted Boswell in negative ads this year because of his vote for the climate-change bill in June. Ads attacking the health care reform project (many funded by insurance industry fronts or the Chamber of Commerce) have been plentiful this summer and fall too. It makes sense for reform advocates to thank Boswell, as Iowa Republicans are gearing up to challenge him with State Senator Brad Zaun or some other well-known figure.  

In other health care reform news, Tom Harkin is among the Senate Democrats trying to keep the "Stupak amendment" language on abortion out of the Senate's version of health care reform. He's absolutely right that some people pushing amendments are trying to kill the bill rather than make it better. A lot of questions have been raised about whether defeating the bill was Representative Bart Stupak's main goal. Since 1992, Stupak has been involved with the fundamentalist Christian "Family" group and has lived in their house on C Street in Washington.  

Stupak claims that as many as 40 House Democrats would reject health care reform without his amendment, but yesterday House Whip James Clyburn said the Stupak amendment only gained 10 votes for the bill. Meanwhile, more than 40 House liberals are threatening to vote down the final bill out of conference if it contains the Stupak language.  

Final note: MyDD user Bruce Webb wrote an interesting piece about what he views as "the most important and overlooked sentence" in the House health care reform bill:  

Most of the criticism of HR3962 coming from the left revolves around the belief that the House bill has no premium and so no profit controls, that it in effect delivers millions of Americans into the hands of insurance companies who can continue to raise premiums at will while denying care by managing the risk pool in favor of those unlikely to make claims. This just is not true, not if the provision in this one sentence is properly implemented. In a stroke it guts the entire current business model of the insurance companies, based as it is on predation and selective coverage, and replaces it with a model where you can only make money by extending coverage to the widest range of customers and or delivering that coverage in a more efficient way.

 Like they say, go read the whole thing.

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  • Bad ad....bad week for Boswell...........

    This ad clearly shows the danger of out of state produced ads for a multitude of candidates….you really are out of touch when you have an ad in central iowa so blatantly bashing insurance companies when they are the largest private employer in the largest city you claim to represent…what does this tell the thousands of insurance company employees in des moines and the burbs….you are “taking them on” as a representative?  Not very well thought out.

    The ad comes on the heels of Boswell’s widely circulated op-ed this week quoting various figures of the numbers in Iowa the health care bill helps…however a close look at the numbers will tell you it appears he forgot (didnt’ know?)about the same individuals who medicaid already covered in Iowa, as well as many in the existing Hawk-I program.  It clearly appears Boswell was not aware of Iowa law regarding pre-existing conditions, or remotely aware of the Price Waterhouse study on costs.

    Bad ad, bad week for Boswell.

    • since you're a Republican

      every week probably seems like a bad week for Boswell to you.

      But if you think that central Iowans aren’t fed up with private health insurer practices, you need to get out more. Iowa has many insurance company HQ, but that doesn’t mean people don’t get screwed over by their insurers and don’t get tired of premium increases every year that far exceed the rate of inflation.

      I have a friend who was unable to get any insurer to sell her an individual policy because she has a thyroid condition. Fortunately, she got a job with benefits. Otherwise, she would be uninsured.  

  • most of us know........

    …that the proposed health care bill does little to nothing to reduce those rising premiums we all are unhappy about, and actually RAISES premiums in many cases (see below)…but all of us know it is silly (suicidal?)to in political advertising bash the biggest private employers in the des moines area…so many people have approached me in the last two days that have seen that ad and said “what is Boswell doing?”…there is NO way he would of done that in a locally produced ad.

    Sorry to hear of your friend denied coverage for a pre-existing condition.  Boswell claimed in his press release that the new bill will provide coverage for 6,400 residents of the district that were denied coverage for pre-existing conditions.  However he fails to mention that Iowa has a program to ensure that no person is without health care as a result of pre-existing conditions… (  Unlike the Boswell health care bill, the Iowa program almost certainly guaranteed a lower insurance premium for those with pre-existing conditions because of the built in premium limits.  Boswell now RAISES those insurance premiums to Iowans.  Too bad Boswell didn’t know about that before he voted for the Pelosi bill.