Winter comfort food thread

What do you like for dinner when winter just dumped more than a foot of snow on your house? My first choice would normally be home-made soup, but we’re out of bread, and I just made curried pumpkin soup over the weekend.

We had tomato and olive wild rice casserole, and I’ll be enjoying the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Yesterday I baked brownies while the kids were playing in the snow, and I finally tried my friend’s trick of stirring a can of black beans, pureed, into the brownie mix (instead of oil, butter, eggs or water). They turned out great, and my kids never suspected a thing. Good way to sneak protein and fiber into a treat.

This thread is for any comfort food recipes or inspiration.

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  • A good bowl of chilie is filling without

    bread, and it is always good to make it hotter than normal on a day like today!

    • very true

      I made chili last week, otherwise I would probably have done that. With 1 pound ground beef, 1 can black beans and 1 can black-eyed peas in my recipe, it’s a hearty meal.

  • I've tried the black bean trick...

    and my kids liked them, but I thought they had kind of a weird, mealy aftertaste.  I figure that if I worried about my kids’ fiber/protein intake I’d make them all the time, but my boys love beans in their natural form so why mess with a good pan of brownies?

    We baked pecan-crusted thumbprint cookies yesterday.  Festive and oh-so-yummy.

    Best comfort food in our house?  My mother-in-law’s lasagna.  Best of all, the recipe makes three 8×8 pans, so we had dinner on Tuesday night and have two more meals stashed in the freezer.

    I love winter cooking at this time of year.  I get to break out all the recipes that hid in the cabinet all summer.  By March I’ll be itching to grill again, but for now I’m happy to heat up the oven on a daily basis.

    • if my kids ate beans

      I wouldn’t do it either. It’s fantastic that your like beans. I don’t think I ever ate them willingly until I was in my 20s.

  • black bean brownies

    Glad you tried them and the boys liked it! I wish my kids ate beans…..but they do not. So I’ll have to continue to sneak them into other foods! I also have a great Chocolate Beet Cake recipe that was wonderful when we were getting so many beets from our CSA’s this summer.  

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