Many happy couples, one unhappy Steve King

Congratulations to the same-sex couples who received marriage licenses in Washington, DC today, the first day same-sex marriage became legal in the capital. The city council had approved same-sex marriage rights last fall, but "because Washington is a federal district, the law had to undergo a congressional review period that expired Tuesday." The weddings will begin on March 9 because of a mandatory waiting period.

One person who wasn't celebrating today was Representative Steve King. He complained yesterday that Republican leaders in Congress didn't push "hard enough" to overturn the D.C. city council's decision on marriage equality.

Republican lawmakers, led by Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), have introduced a resolution in Congress to overturn the city council's ruling, which Congress can do because Washington is a federal district, and not a state.

King took Democrats to task, also, for not allowing a vote on that measure.

"There's a certain level of understanding that this pro-same sex marriage agenda is a Pelosi agenda; it's a leftist, liberal agenda," King said. "There are a lot of items we need to be fighting, and this is a big one."

Look on the bright side, congressman. Maybe Iowa will become less of a gay marriage "Mecca" now that same-sex couples can get married in DC (as well as Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire).

Seriously, I find it encouraging that Democratic leaders in Congress didn't feel political pressure to overturn DC's decision on marriage equality. This issue is losing its potency for the Republicans, and their House and Senate leaders seem to recognize that, even if Steve King doesn't.

Although King has little sympathy for gays and lesbians who want the same civil marriage rights he enjoys, he did find in in his heart last week to stand up for Washington lobbyists:

[Y]es lobbyists do a very effective and useful job on this Hill. [...] Somebody needs to stand up for the lobby, it is a matter of providing a lot of valuable information.

Click over to Think Progress for a more detailed transcript and video of that moment.

This thread is for any comments related to King's messed-up priorities. The scariest thing is that when it comes to gay marriage, he's not even on the super-crazy end of the GOP spectrum.

UPDATE: I know it doesn't pay to go looking for logic in comments by Steve King, but even by his standards, this is bizarre. King argues that since House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank is gay, and Frank doesn't want the federal government interfering in a consensual relationship between two adults, then Frank should oppose prevailing wage requirements for federal contractors. King's idea is that contractors and their employees are "consenting adults" who should be able to agree on a wage of their choice. (By that reasoning, King would want to do away with the minimum wage and other labor laws.)

Media Matters Action has the video clip and transcript here. Other King video "highlights" are here.  

  • I have a quick King question

    I don't live in his district, yet he robocalls me for surveys about once a month. As I find both him and his values obscene, would it be wrong to accuse of him of using the phone for harassment?

    • no, don't do that

      Always take notes on robocalls and real or fake political surveys. Then post a diary or comment here if there's anything interesting in the call. Stay on until the end and jot down who paid for the call too.

      I think a lot of conservative groups use King for robocalling, because he has his admirers statewide.

      • Targeted King

        I'm just waiting for this summer and fall when Latham uses King's support in some campaign calls for the 4th.  There are voters (teabaggers) in my area whom think Latham has been too left-wing.

      • Thanks for the tips

        I should've closed my humor tag. 😉

        Still, I'll take notes the next time a machine asks me about how the evil dems lead by HUSSEIN Obama want to kill grandma, take my guns, raise my taxes, destroy my marriage, etc. And here I'm not joking - those are the types of questions they asked the last time.

        Also, despite the intro by King, the disclaimer at the end said the poll was not affiliated with or endorsed by any party or pol. It was some group that I can't remember - or some such - that claimed it. I'll write that down next time as well.

  • Help Retire Steve King

    I am a volunteer Mike Denklau's campaign, and I am in the end planning stages of a diary about him.  He is my congressman,and he just about drives me crazy.  If you can, go to Denklau for Congress and help him if you can.

    I will be posting my diary in the next week sometime, if all goes well.

    NWIA Granny

  • Happy Couples?

    "The data, presented at CDC's 2010 National STD Prevention Conference, finds that the rate of new HIV diagnoses among men who have sex with men (MSM) is more than 44 times that of other men and more than 40 times that of women."  --CDC

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