Fed and State Budget Cuts Eroding Environmental Protections

New YouTube Video: Environmental Protections Undermined Nationwide

A national network of state level environmental organizations, including the Iowa Environmental Council, has produced a new, YouTube video: “Our values, our environment, our future,” to draw attention to the impact of current and proposed state and federal budget cuts on environmental safeguards across the nation.

Melissa Gavin, Executive Director of the State Environmental Leadership Program, explains: “Basic protections for air and water quality are on the chopping block in states throughout the country. At the same time, EPA’s budget has also been under attack. People need to know that part of what is getting slashed is our capacity to enforce laws that protect health and quality of life—even funds that help us maintain sewage treatment and drinking water purification plants.”


Seven- and three-minute versions of the video are available for viewing at the following urls:
Our values, our environment, our future – 7 minutes
Our Values, our environment, our future – 3 minutes

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