Updated Iowa Senate district 18 absentee ballot numbers

Democrat Liz Mathis continues to lead in both absentee ballots requested and returned for the November 8 special election in Iowa Senate district 18. After the jump I’ve posted details as of 5 pm on November 4.

If you haven’t read it already, Bleeding Heartland user albert’s precinct-level analysis of the early voting numbers is well worth your time.

Note: Senate district 18 residents can vote in person on Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm at the Linn County Auditor’s office at Westdale Mall.

UPDATE: Absentee ballot numbers for Senate district 18 residents only are now after the jump.

The Linn County Auditor has issued 9,924 absentee ballots county-wide. Roughly 90 percent of the ballot requests have come from residents of Senate district 18. The rest are from voters planning to participate in other local elections on November 8.

Of the 9,924 ballots issued:

4,873 (49.1 percent) went to registered Democrats

2,624 (26.4 percent) went to Republicans

2,416 (24.4 percent) went to no-party voters

Eleven went to to voters with some other registration.

At the close of business on November 4, the Linn County Auditor’s office had received 7,624 absentee ballots for the November 8 election. That number includes people who voted early in person at the auditor’s office as well as those who filled out their absentee ballots at home. The returned ballots broke down as follows:

3,900 (51.2 percent) came from registered Democrats

2,052 (26.9 percent) came from Republicans

1,666 (21.9 percent) came from no-party voters

Six came from voters with some other party registration.

UPDATE: Here are the November 4 numbers for Senate district 18 residents only.

8,576 absentee ballots issued total

4,239 to Democrats (49.4 percent)

2,153 to Republicans (25.1 percent)

2,175 to no-party voters (25.4 percent)

Nine to voters with some other registration

6,549 ballots returned to the Linn County Auditor

3,397 from Democrats (51.9 percent)

1,660 from Republicans (25.4 percent)

1,487 from no-party voters (22.7 percent)

Five from voters with some other registration

Looks like Mathis goes into the final weekend before election day with a healthy lead in votes banked.

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