Ted Sporer will defend Kent Sorenson in lawsuit over misused e-mails

Pass the popcorn: former Polk County Republican Chairman Ted Sporer will defend State Senator Kent Sorenson against a lawsuit alleging that he stole the e-mail list of the Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators to assist Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign.

Sporer chaired the Polk County Republican Party for eight years and served on the Iowa GOP’s State Central Committee for five years during the last decade. Speaking to Kevin Hall of The Iowa Republican, he confirmed that he will represent Sorenson and will move to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Barbara and Richard Heki.

Two former high-level Bachmann staffers, who asked that their names not be used at this time, backup Heki’s claims.

“I am confident that Kent Sorenson participated in the theft and I am confident that members of the senior staff were aware of it, certainly on or before December,” a former Bachmann aide said. “And they debated it for three weeks, the senior staff, what to do. Over loud objections, they let Barb take the fall for it.”

“They’re mistaken,” Sporer said in response. […]

“It’s an interesting lawsuit. We’ve obviously planned an aggressive defense,” Sporer said. “I haven’t received a service copy of the petition yet. After we receive that, we’ll l file a series of motions to dismiss.”

Any casual reader of Sporer’s conservative blog would expect nothing less than an “aggressive defense” of his client. Sorenson doesn’t mince words when clashing with fellow Republicans, so this attorney/client pair seem well-matched. If the Hekis’ lawsuit isn’t dismissed or settled out of court, the trial could be highly entertaining.

  • Row 2, seat 10......

    ….save it for me….I agree with desmoinesdem 100%…this will be top entertainment.

  • this won't go to court

    or more to the point, I don’t see any witnesses materializing to finger Sorenson in a courtroom scenario.

    For this thing not to be dismissed, the Hekis are going to have to pony up a witness. Good luck trying to make it any of the defendants (Bachmann et al). Right.

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