IA-Sen: Mark Jacobs up on radio (updated)

Only one Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate seat in Iowa seems to have the financial resources to run paid advertising statewide, and Mark Jacobs is poised to exploit that advantage. Jennifer Jacobs (no relation) reported for the Des Moines Register that the Jacobs campaign is running a 60-second radio spot.

In the ad, Jacobs talks about being born and raised in Iowa, “growing up around a small family business,” and early jobs delivering newspapers and working at Hy-Vee. A voice-over repeatedly refers to Jacobs as a leader in the business world, adding that Jacobs was “educated in Iowa schools.” The language touches on major themes of the Jacobs campaign while addressing one of his big weaknesses–having lived outside Iowa for a few decades. I’ve posted the script after the jump and will add the audio if the candidate posts it on his YouTube channel or campaign website.

Speaking of websites, whoever is running Jacobs’ “news” page needs to stop posting the full text of newspaper articles about the candidate. I’m not an attorney, but my understanding is that “fair use” under copyright law would involve a link to the original publication in the Fort Dodge Messenger or the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, plus an excerpt of a few paragraphs. Currently the Jacobs campaign website rips off the entire texts of newspaper profiles, then adds a useless link at the bottom: “View article as it originally appeared here.” No one’s going to click through once they’ve read the whole piece already. Unless Jacobs has explicit permission from the original publishers, his website should post shorter excerpts.

UPDATE: Scroll to the end of this post to listen to the audio.

SECOND UPDATE: Jacobs was a guest on the December 8 edition of Dave Price’s program “The Insiders” on WHO-TV. Toward the end of the show, Jacobs said he had never voted for any Democratic candidate. Asked about the 2012 Iowa caucuses, Jacobs said he did not support anyone in those caucuses–but tactfully did not mention that he didn’t move back to Iowa until later that year.

Transcript for opening Mark Jacobs radio ad:

Voice-over: In business, leaders are measured by the bottom line. In Washington, leaders are measured by politics and polls. It’s time we send a business-tested leader to Washington who has a proven track record in the real world.

Jacobs: Hi, I’m Mark Jacobs. I was born and raised in Iowa, growing up around a small family business. Jobs as a paper boy and behind the deli counter at Hy-Vee taught me the Iowa way. As a business leader, I turned around a large but financially troubled company, working hands-on with employees to build teams and together we protected jobs, paid the bills and turned that ship around. We did it in the private sector; we can do it in Washington. I still believe in America’s promise of growth and opportunity. If you believe it too, join me.

Voice-over: Mark Jacobs, a father, husband, active church member, and business leader. Educated in Iowa schools, Mark Jacobs, a business success story. Let’s demand success from Washington. Mark Jacobs is ready to work for us in the U.S. Senate.

Jacobs: I’m Mark Jacobs and I approve this message.

Voice-over: Paid for by Jacobs for Iowa.

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