Branstad Beer - It's All About the Dirty Water

(I saw this ad on cable in the Des Moines area this morning. - promoted by desmoinesdem)

I've had enough.

Gov. Branstad continues to spread misinformation about his record on water quality. The simple fact? He vetoed $20 million in funds that would have improved Iowa's natural resources and protected water quality of our rivers, lakes and streams.

With full disclosure, I'm the Director for Citizens for a Healthy Iowa. We are a non-profit (c4) organized here in Iowa and we work primarily on water quality issues - public education & issue advocacy. More about our new ad, and campaign, after the jump ....

Iowa’s water is at risk, and Governor Branstad has only made the problem worse. Because of runoff from our farms and a complete failure of leadership by the Governor, we have more than 600 polluted rivers, lakes and streams, causing a nitrate surge in our drinking water.

Even our beer, mostly comprised of water, could be at risk because of the Governor. It’s shameful that he has allowed this to continue by vetoing funding to help clean up our polluted waterways.

So, we have decided to release an ad - and purchased broadcast, cable & online advertising space statewide.


  • It's in the water..

    I'm starting to think that its Kool-Aid® running through Iowa's rivers because everyone out there seems to have drunk enougn of it to actually consider reelecting the guy who's poisoning them.

    My question: Is it the small "family farmers" who lobby against environmental sanity, or is it BigAg (monsanto, dupont-Pioneer, Tyson) that run the show?

    Another question: Comparing rural vs. Urban pollution sources, which contributes more to damaging to public health and environmental balance?

    Are both Dems and Repubs are making enough $ off of $3000+@acre farmland that nobody wants to stop the agri-gravy train?

    No one, except for IowaCCI, seems to mount a sustained effort, but of course the R&T,KCCI,WHO clowncar would ignore you anyway.

    The young people of Iowa are being cheated as they too, are not being educated to know that they have an important voice in what happens to their future habitat.

    Lastly, Texas wants to build an pipeline diagonally through the heart of Iowa and the issue merits a few seconds of debate in the gubernatorial and nothing in the congressional debates? You know Hatch's positions here are very much more enlightened than TB, so why is he not ahead?  Please Iowa resist the toxic siren of TB and Palin-lite Ernst.  

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