Polling for the Democratic Race - July 1

(If any other Bleeding Heartland readers were respondents for the same survey and have more details to share, please post a comment or contact me confidentially.   - promoted by desmoinesdem)

From 515-512-4155. If you do a search in the right places it shows up as a residential DM/Windsor Heights number. I suspect someone is either volunteering with their own cell or working with a provided cell.

One of these days, I'm actually going to get the name of the polling firm doing the call. But for once, it's obviously local.

The caller actually confirmed my name.

1) Am l likely to participate in the Caucuses? How likely am I to vote. (Likely)

2) Which Caucus? (D)

3) How well do I know the candidates? (all)

4) Whom are you likely to support? (Bernie)

5) Let me read to you this statement – pollster reads a hellaciously long quote from Sanders' stump that aggressively summarizes his campaign. Are you still going to support Sen. Sanders? (hell, yes)

6) Why don't you support Clinton? (Because she doesn't give statements like what you just read)

6) Could you support Hillary Clinton (yes)

7) What would it take to support Hillary Clinton? (Sanders to leave the race)

6) Are you conservative, liberl, or moderate? (liberal)

7) And asks me my birth year. End of call.

I almost questioned if it was a push poll from the Clinton campaign with that long quote, but I think the Clinton campign or close supporter is getting really nervous about Sanders' support.

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  • thanks for posting

    I’m going to move this to the front page tomorrow morning.

    Would you say the long Sanders quote put a positive spin on his message, or did it seem like they were trying to make him sound bad? Not sure what you meant by aggressively summarizing his campaign.

    • The quote

      I think the quote was designed to elicit a strong reaction – along the lines of, “do you know that Sen. Sanders is an avowed socialist who advocates for Medicare for All, against free trade, for free public college tuition, and for . . ” for several other issues.

      Sorry for replying late – I was at the Minneapolis CONvergence this extended weekend getting my sci fi geek on.

  • ?

    Can you roughly summarize said hellaciously long quote.

    My pet theory is: Hillary is trying to play the economic populist message, but Sanders is winning that fight because he’s casting blame. Hillary is still on jobs and wages, but the base wants “billionaire class,” “top 1%,” etc. which Sanders is providing.

    Obligatory reminder that I’m neutral because of my role coordinating caucuses for Johnson County.

  • I may have had this same poll

    Same questions, except I answered Hillary as the candidate I would support. There was no reading of a statement. Then they asked why I support Hillary (experience, no one else comes close to her combo of legislative, administrative, and all other types of leadership experience). My question was how likely am I to support another candidate (zero).

    Oh, the one different question, was who did I support in 2008 at the Caucuses.

    At the end I asked the firm’s name and the interviewer told me they are “nonpartisan.” I said, “yes, I know, but that’s not what I asked you and you are required to tell me the firm name.”

    Matthews Research, out of Vermont.

    • interesting

      Not immediately finding records of Sanders using that polling firm, but Vermont address makes me wonder if the Sanders campaign commissioned this poll.

  • Q Poll

    Will be out Monday am